What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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Does Tyrese have Pig Sars? WTF? Tyrese tweeted this pic of himself on a private jet. Looks like the dude next to him is wondering if he should change seats. Ridiculous.


  • Key from the City

    The face of the dud next to him is priceless.

  • sushine20745

    he is being ridiculous now

  • Nique

    Maybe he has a herpes breakout and wants to protect pple he comes in contact with….Im reaching here…lol

  • luv 2 shop

    Ty looks like he’s going to SLAP ole boy that’s next to him……lol

  • Dior

    dumb as hell

  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re

    Nah…dudes beard next to him was stankin. I would’ve done the same thang.

  • Samuel Jackson Beer

    top 10


    I wanted to do the same thing the last time I pulled a cheap move and took a Fungwah bus home from New York. They had me sitting all the way in the back next to the crappa. Bastards.

  • 2dimplzs

    Ty is scared of the SWINE aka H1N1 aka “The Other White Meat” Flu just like the next person, lol!!! I don’t blame him.

  • http://bobolzfl@gmail.com Bob B

    On a private jet….I don’t think so..lol

  • Meso

    Haha, pure comedy, looks like Pharrell’s jet

  • ann

    LMFAO!!!! They guy next to him is body guard, his name is Baybay!!!!!! Whats up Babay!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikkislice

    Damn ya’ll need to get some culture he could have just been sick his damn self and didn’t want to spread his germs by yacking on folks. In Asia as well as many other parts of the world people don face masks all the time (even before all this swine flu crap).

  • toocoo

    is it me or are we getting tired of black ty ?

  • http://... LATEEF

    I miss the old… “always always coca-cola”.

    Tyrese singing on the bus the coca-cola theme song.

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