Lauryn Hill Gets Fly Again In NYC [Photos]

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Lauryn Hill Parkinsons Event

We think it’s fair to say L-Boogie’s comeback and departure from crazy are sticking.

Lauryn was one of the featured performers alongside The Roots last night at Michael J. Fox’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s” event last night. And even in those performance moments where singers can’t help but look crazy, the incomparable Miss Hill was fly.

Check out photos from her set below.


  • IDGAF_SoNowWhat

    I dunno son….she still look a lil on that end…rockin that Angela Davis fro and her “Homeless Chic” look….smh :-\

    • FaReelDoe

      Stylewise, Sheon’t look no worse than Erika Badu. Come on son….FaReelDoe. I think she looks good. The clarity in her eyes …. she’s here and now. Git it Lauren!!!!

  • IDGAF_SoNowWhat

    Oh yeah…. and first
    Follow at @IDGAF_SoNowWhat

  • ignoranceisbliss

    She is almost there…Needs a little more refining and she will be back on point…The soul glow fro got’s to go

  • prissa

    Come on yall! Don’t hate on this fly au naturale sister! You know Miss Hill aint NEVER been about rockin weaves n lacefronts!! Be real now! She back & gonna show the female rap game what’s really goin on!! YAY Miss Hill. Welcome back my beautiful sister!!! 100% Support & nothin but LOVE!!!

    • darealwifey

      How lost black people are that we would dishonor our own NATURAL selves. No other race of people on Earth EXCEPT black people are scorned (or scorn themselves) for choosing to wear their hair naturally. It’s OK if you choose to use chemicals, but respect those who don’t.

  • High Society (The truth is Necessary)

    First off

    to the idiots who commented above me that “soul glow” is played out like intelligent people in the black community.

    That is Miss Hill NATURAL HAIR the way G-d intended it to be so how dare you a HUMAN tell her that there is something wrong with it?


    Black people are sickening to say the least, Miss Hill if you are reading this as intelligent and beautiful as you’re go for your PHD. and come school these illiterate black youth because they are clearly lost in the Fray.

  • luvmyblackness

    I think she looks great!! Welcome back Lauryn!!

  • nana

    God aint thru with HER yet! She’s comin along…

  • didnot


  • MissPerfect

    shes comfortably where she’s @ .. she dont need to live to anyone standards . . she looks and her talent is beautiful so thats all that matters !

  • Mrs. Rance

    Please don’t toy with my emotions. The thought of new Lauryn music got me getting impatient for it.

  • seyess

    o yes Im happy to see her back in ACTION now i heard she was wrking on an album which i will be STAnding in LINE to BUY!!!

  • Tina

    She look damn good. Calm

  • Allie

    My girl is looking amazing..her comeback was way overdue

  • Quilombo

    Does her flashing an Illuminati hand sign mean shes back in the club?!?

  • smmb

    Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu on a track together would be on point.

    • Cj

      would love to hear that track

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