Yeezy Strikes Again… Rapper Launches Verbal Attack On Taylor Swift And Matt Lauer During Live Performance

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Kanye West interrupts the acceptance speech from best female video winner Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York

Here we go again… Kanye West can definitely hold a grudge, and he’s not one to act shy about it. Just when we thought things were cool between him and Taylor Swift he decided to let us all know how he really feels about her.

Early this morning at a surprise performance of his new album My Beautiful Dark And Twisted Fantasy at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, around 1 a.m. Yeezy put Taylor Swift on blast for using his infamous VMA interruption to propel her fame:

“Taylor never came to my defense at any interview,” West ranted. “And rode the waves and rode it and rode it,” he sniped of Swift.

And if you think Ye was done with Matt Lauer after his last Twitter tantrum, you thought wrong.

West also railed about the “Today” show interview, saying former President George W. Bush’s words were twisted out of context in order to exploit Kanye’s fame and ignite stronger controversy:

“Because [of] the popularity of me, they exploited that…That’s not what he fawking said!” West railed. “That’s not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you—the way they try to villainize, the way they tried to do that.”


Kanye and his rants are getting to be a bit much. He needs to get a good therapist because all this public venting is just taking away from his artistry.

Not to mention, as much as he stays griping he needs to let go of some of these grudges. Get that isht out your system and keep it moving!



  • Mrs. Rance

    Stop messing with this man. Yall know he’s mental.

    • Aimee

      I agree! He needs a psychologist who likes a challenge.

    • Thaddious

      He’s not mental, he just doesn’t understand white people.

      Trying to find reason with white people drives black men crazy every.

      WE know Beyonce got robbed. The same thing happens at awards shows and pageants every year. And we all know why-

  • nana

    All he said was true! And I don’t feel he shouldve apologized for the Bush comment! Hell wat he said was RIGHT! Gtfoh traylor Swift AND george bush!

  • purple love

    With brilliance comes insanity thats all

    • TDT

      100% agree. And as a music lover I certainly hope that Kanye does not seek help for a VERY long time. He can get therapy once he retires from music as far as I am concerned.

    • daisy jay

      Well said.

  • lala

    Poor thing. Seems the richer n more famous these ppl are, the more miserable they r. All tht money n still not happy.

  • ThatsWhatThatIS

    Matt and George mind f**k’d Ye now he can’t get over it!! He should have never apologized to George Bush.. George Bush never apologized to the people who were effected by Katrina!!

  • nikki88

    i dont think saying “she didnt come to my defense” was the right wording for it. but he had a good point. the girl boomed after all this happened…and to this day still talks about it. even made a song for him…if she was so over it like she claims to be…she would have stepped up and told the world to move on. but she needed the boost.

  • Matix B

    Please he does the same shyt, keep rehasing old shyt to stay contriversial. Faq, get a life Kanye enjoy your success and shut the faq up for once GOT Damn it! Your cry baby shyt pissing me off to no end.

  • uhh yeah ok

    I feel sorry for this guy because they really are doing a mind fk on him. I think he’s right but his delusions of grander null his very true points. He simple doesn’t know how to word his thoughts right and loses his opportunity to make people understand. He needs a mouth piece- he needs to ZIP it.

  • w

    Kany {{{i hear voices}}}

  • kebler

    I love Yeezy * No Homo and pause*!

  • christine

    beyonce never came to his defense either. only Jay. why would taylor swift defend him?

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    kall dem devils out blakk man yeaaaaa!!!!!!

  • sowhat

    ok he can say what the hell he wants and whoever got a problem with it can ignore him
    everyone knows by now kanye says whats on his mind i still don’t get why people are so shocked at what kanye says or does these days

  • Candid Canuck

    he needs his dad… more than ever

  • juliemango

    Taylor owes ye $ for helping 2 boost her career!!!

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