A Lil Racism For Ya: Alabama Passes Most Segregational Immigration Laws To Date

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Eat your heart out, Arizona. Alabama is going to out-racist you.

The southern state just passed the most stringent immigration laws in American history to date.

– The bill requires public schools to determine the citizenship status of students, which means that illegal immigrants will not be educated in the state.

– Police must detain someone they suspect of being in the country illegally if the person cannot produce proper documentation when stopped for any reason.

– It also will be a crime to knowingly transport or harbor someone who is in the country illegally. The law imposes penalties on businesses that knowingly employ someone without legal resident status. A company’s business license could be suspended or revoked.

Geez. Alabama isn’t playing around. Illegal immigrants can’t get a job or go to school in the state. What do you think? Fair or unfair?


  • Nicole

    FAIR! I hope many more states follow….I can’t stand mexicans, they are like parasites in or society: they only want to take and take, and now they want to holler racism….if you dont like our laws LEAVE!

  • D-Lux

    I have no problem with different racist, but we can’t fo to there country undocumented & get state benefits…the policy is fair!

  • Monique

    Fair there r so many illegal’s in this country if Mexico was a wealth country I would be worried

  • Skoopes

    Fair, period. In all honesty, the country should adopt these laws and take our country back.

  • dallas01

    I live in Alabama. Our schools are suffering under the burden if illegals. Have to send extra money educating them case have to pay for translators. Anyone who days they don’t get benefits is misguided. Free Lunches, medical care.. I support anyone here legally regardless of what country they are from.

  • Kathryn

    If course it’s fair! They are in this country ILLEGALLY. They broke the countries law (a pretty dam.n big one) and they expect free public education and jobs? Jobs? In this messed up economy where the people who came here fairly and legally can’t even get them?

    By law they shouldn’t even be here in the first place so why would this not be fair? Since when is it America’s job to pamper these people after they disrespected our laws? Um…no.

  • Natasha

    Fair nd I am a woman of color not a republic either nd I still feel its fair =/

  • Steelcitychick

    Kathryn…stfu…we pamper all these convicts who are unfortunatly were born here, every day. Is it my job as a responsible citizen to take care of them? These worthless human garbage, who have never done nor will ever do anything to help their own communities. If given half a chance to do it right these people would do right. But we don’t give them half a chance. They just want to come to a country were they know if you work hard and live right you can have something good for yourself and your family

  • Kathryn

    @steelcitychick Ho please spare me your sob story and stick to the subject! Are you Hispanic? Are you mad because what I said was right? Sweetie, I’m a college graduate and (most likely, unlike you) I don’t have to work hard, I played my cards right and I have a great job. Who was taking about convicts? I’m sorry your Papi got caught and jailed but that’s none of my concern. Us legals have to pay taxes, which are raised because of people like you, and that is my concern. Stop talking now. You aren’t worthy enough to have an opinion, I didn’t give you the authority.

  • Phillysdymond04

    I hope they are not just targeting mexicans. There are asians, africans, and europeans that come over here illegally as well.

  • Phab

    I mean seriously how long did people think that this country would allow people to live here illegally? If anything, I’m upset that they waited this long to start cracking down b/c that makes us look like bullies we shouldve never tolerated this. I have no problem w/ Mexicans, they are hardworking people for the most part, but technically the law is the law, if this going to help better this country I’m all for it….

  • Blackgirl

    God there are a bunch of delusional “let’s hold hand” folks in here. Take race out of it. Take “they are hard working” out of it……they.are.illegal. We are the only country to let folks slide in and out. Statistically speaking no matter how hard they are working they are shutting down hospitals,dragging down schools. Somebody had to pay somewhere. These folks don’t make enough to do nothing with. They aren’t spending the money here so spare the “oh that racists bs and we are all one” crap and check the numbers,stats, and facts!

  • Blackgirl

    Good job alabama for coming up with a solution ,for once,to a problem!

  • Mz Kizzez

    Fair. Why should we let them do that here when you wouldn’t be able to do that in their country?

  • Listening to the vibe

    I lived in alabama white attending college. These idiots targeted my italian friend because he looked like a mexican. he disnt have his liscences on him when he got pulked over so they held him until his.ds# was verified among other info. Then they said, “whats an italian doing sdown here”

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