In White Folks With Black Babies News: Sandra Bullock Spotted With Lil Louis Bardo Rockin Some Girly Shoes

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Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock

Here is Sandra Bullock and her lil “Cajun Cookie” baby Louis Bardo arriving in LA after being in Europe for Sandy’s 47th birthday.

How precious.

We just have one question though, why in the heezy does she have that baby boy rockin those lil fru fru a$$ shoes?!?!?!?

More shots below:


  • Kmac

    No big deal to me

  • Ash

    Theyre not that bad.

  • prissa

    Wow! I didn’t realize Sandra Bullock was that old. They must do a superb job on her make up for films cuz she looks every bit of 47 (and then some) in the pics above.

    I think the shoes r cute and they prolly cost more than the entire annual salaries of all Bossip staff combined! LOL

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