Who Looked More Bangin’???

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Dania Ramirez and Kim Kardashian both attended the LA Confidential Magazine men’s issue at Craft. This may be a lopsided win for Dania, but we know a gang of you wouldn’t mind swirlin’ it up with Ms. Lovesblackpeen, so we must ask, Who Looked More Bangin’???

Here’s one more of pretty brown Dania for ya.

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  • mandah... 21 like Black Jack and a sucka for a white russian ;)

    1st in line!

  • Pretty Kitty

    Am I first???? What the hell they got on is the question.

  • Pretty Kitty


  • irina

    it seems they are both beautiful, but i think i will back up Kim. she has a lot of fans @ my network sportinglove.com . . they think she is so gorgeous…………

  • mandah... 21 like Black Jack and a sucka for a white russian ;)

    and i hate to say it but kim…wtf is dania “famous” for anyway?

  • kimberlee

    She’s on Heroes….


    Kim looks pasty as hell. Dania all day!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Is this even a debate? Kim all the way.

  • maddzzu (OBAMA08 .Not just cause hez black cause hez BLACK & QUALIFIED!!!!!)

    I prefer Daniaz outfit but would BANG both of del hoes!

  • jim

    Dania Ramirez .yeah i know her and she is so sexual . i found her profile on http://www.bigbisexual.com yeah there re some more hot videoes made by herself and some more sexual pics about her . yeah that;s great !

  • dayg715

    they both look stupid.

  • Vee-how bout dem Phillies?!?!!

    Morning Peeps. The hell with these two…the Phillies won the World Series!!!!!!!! I am SO hungover:-) And who saw Barack’s 30 min ad last night?? One word: brilliant!

  • biracial bombshell

    Kim by far looks better here. Hands down…

  • num1dominicano


  • black entrepreneur

    isn’t dania irv gotti’s ex-wife?

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