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Bossip just exclusively received a copy of the forward of what will possibly be the most entertaining tell-all book of all damn time. Apparently, what started out as a clean autobiography of Bobby’s mishaps has spiraled out of control into an “un(authorized) biography” written by his good friend Derrick Handspike. It is rumored that Whitney is doing everything she can to destroy the book. Too late! The book came out yesterday and the crack has already hit the fan.

Let’s rewind. Here is how it all went down.

Bobby called me the morning the story broke in the media and he was baffled! He was confused! His voice was all low and he sounded wounded. I had never heard him like that before. First of all, he wanted to know how the story got leaked into the press. Second, he was dealing with how Whitney and their Bobbi Kris were feeling about yet another negative outburst of publicity drama about their family, and this time it was rightfully caused by him. I don’t think he was really ready for what had just happened!

Especially since him and Whitney had just started to heal and become friends after their divorce. We had discussed before how he was fully supportive of Whitney’s attempt to make a comeback in the music industry. (In my opinion) I don’t think he wanted the pessimistic reports from the book and tabloid gossip to overshadow the fact that Whitney was finally clean, sober, healthy and happy!

I spent days at a time over a year with Bobby and conducted several long hours of recorded interviews with him. I then took other resources in addition to spending quality time with his family members to come up with the manuscript for this book.

I had been known in the past to do handshake deals with former business partners, especially if they were friends or close associates of mine. This project was no different. Bobby and his family were close friends so we started working on the manuscript with only a handshake deal in place. We decided we would wait until we were about to release the project to bring the attorney’s in to complete a final agreement. After about a year, we finished the manuscript. He read and approved the final draft so we initiated talks with our attorneys about finalizing an agreement (as planned). Out of nowhere, quotes were leaked and the stories broke in various countries simultaneously. This is when the media frenzy began and things rapidly went left!

Which crooked-mouth fool and profusely sweating diva do you think they’ll get to play them in the Lifetime movie?

Read the full forward here.



    that boy UGLY! lol

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re...Officially Lurks

    Bobby Brown is a BAMMA.

  • JOEY B



    that n!gga look like an old perv who be on myspace getting at 19 year old chics.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re...Officially Lurks

    @Mr Florida

    He reminds me of the perv named “Jerome” on Martin…

    “I say, JeROME in da house…!”

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re...Officially Lurks

    @Mr Florida

    You talkin’ bout R. Kelly? He’s known to have, “19 year old friends.”

  • sourgrapes

    who cares……. NEXT

  • Mock Rock Star(Mock Rock says Ima Ima a Diva)

    What is it we don’t know about Bobby Brown…this book should be a pamphlet…and who would want to read it??? Not I says Mock, not I


    LOL@ him using that old ass pic….


    ‘Everybody talking all this stuff about me…why can’t they just let me live’

  • http://blkpreneur.wordpress.com/ martiwanda

    ==== blackpreneur.net ===


    Nothing makes your writing appear authentic and professional like overuse of exclamation points!

  • Rawr

    LOL at the question mark

  • LA(985)

    yuck black finga-nails!!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Um…I can’t, I just can’t. I’ll wait for the $1 book special at the street vendor on Flatbush.

    Hey Re, Nikki, MRS,Happy Birthday Oshie

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