Old Creeps: 8 Celebrities Accused Of Chopping Down Minors

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Celebrities Accused Of Sleeping With Minors

Most celebrities can chop down anyone they want. They can get beautiful men and women to do their bidding. So why in the world would these celebrities opt to go around messing with teenagers when they could get grown men and women to give them the business. Welp, they allegedly did it anyway. So with that said, here are some celebrities accused of messing with minors...yikes.
Jay-Z and Foxy Brown Jay-Z - Rumors have come out that he chopped down Foxy Brown back when she was getting started in her teens. Of course Jay won't respond.
r-kelly-aaliyah R. Kelly - He was freaking married to Aaliyah when she was a teenager. And then, y'know, there's the other things.
chuck berry Chuck Berry - He was arrested and eventually sent to jail for inappropriate relations with a minor. White girls at that. Not cool for the 60s, bud.
woody-allen-1 Woody Allen - He wifed up his stepdaughter who was just a teen when they started dating. Whoa.
wade-robson-michael-jackson-age-7 Michael Jackson - He had some expensive court cases because people were claiming he was a child molester for ages. But he beat the cases.
eddie long Eddie Long - He's been accused of messing with teenage boys. Anyone still go to his church?
Aretha Franklin and  Kelsey Grammar Kelsey Grammer - He was accused of chopping down a 17-year-old twice but that never materialized into anything.
Lisa Marie Priscilla and Elvis Presley Elvis - He met his wife when she was 14 and they started dated immediately. Not to smooth anymore, huh, Elvis?

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