She Had These ‘Cute’ Shoes

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Ne-Yo was spotted getting his hand-holding on with lil Diana Ross’s girl, Hayden Panettiere. He explains going out with the young actress:

“Hayden and I just met yesterday. We’ve only known each other for one day,” Ne-Yo told PEOPLE at the Ronald McDonald House Charity’s World Children’s Day event Tuesday, where Panettiere, 18, also made an appearance. “She was hanging out with some friends and invited me to come out.”

As for the hand holding, “I was helping her out of the car!” says the singer, 28. “She had these shoes – they were cute – but they were torture devices, so I had to help her.”

Ne-Yo probably wanted a piece of lil Hayden, her shoe game that is.

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  • I"m first!

    I’m First! I’d like to thank all of you out there because if it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be me to say I’M FIRST SNITCHES!

  • I"m first!

    “and when they get on they leave your ass for a white girl” haha!

  • daria

    Sounds more like a shoe fetish. Only men with shoe/foot fetishes notice that stuff. He looks like one who’d suck some feet. Ugh. I get that image of Quentin Terentino sucking on some random chick’s feet and I want to gag.

  • kaz

    or er…sheet biter ne-yo’s a fish looking sheet-biter…


    neyo is gonna get his freak on with legend blood

  • cute88

    Yes, the shoes are quite cute. But I prefer her ablums posted on her personal ablum at The pics are cute, pretty and attractive.

  • John

    Yeah!!! nice shoes. Thats a good one!!


    sounds like a shoe fetish. i do believe neyos bi-sexual though.

  • bobbie

    It’s funy. I have another news aboout Hayden. She was found on the millionairecelebs dating club not long before! “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  • dayg715

    HELLO!! are people really that dumb? ne-yo is not dating that girl, whoever she is. HE’S GAY!! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

  • dayg715

    what straight guy do you know that talks about how “cute” a girl’s shoes are???

  • dayg715

    what straight guy do you know that even notices a girl’s shoes, let alone talks about how “cute” they are???

  • Baby Please

    @ dayg715

    Yup. Straight men never say how cute a woman’s shoes are. Never. LOL.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    “but they were torture devices, so I had to help her.”



  • NubianGoddez

    He was not into her, he wanted to know where she bought her shoes so he could get a pair just like them when that transvestite side rears its ugly head lol and that little pale face is not hot, looks like your typical yt the media is always saying is great beauty. pulezzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee

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