All Blacks Look Alike? A Gallery Of Black Celebrity Mix-Ups

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Arian-foster-mistakenidentity It's always awkward when mainstream media outlets (and regular everyday people) mix-up well-known Black celebs in this digital age of free information. Last we checked, Google images is 100% free for everyone, especially those in our very white media who suffer from "All Blacks look alike" syndrome. Hit the jump for a so-sad-it's-hilarious gallery of Black celebrity mix-ups.
First, this... marvel-anthony mackie-mistakenidentity (That's B.J. Britt, not Anthony Mackie) agents-of-shield-garrett-and-triplett Then... yousure
NeNe-Leakes-mistakenidentity Poor NeNe.
Lebron-James-mistakenidentity Not sure how you confuse Derrick Rose with LEBRON JAMES unless you're new to Earth orrrr, uh, white but this really happened.
THIS is Derrick Rose... denzelrose
Chris-Brown-mistakenidentity No one in Billboard's social media department thought "Chris Brown" showing up with Monica was...odd?
Trey-Songz-mistakenidentity Chris Brown, Trey Songz. Same thing.
Will-Smith-mistakenidentity Of course he said "huh" because he's Will Smith. tyler-2013 This is Tyler, the creator (@f**ktyler). So yea, maybe we ALL do look alike.
The-Dream-mistakenidentity First they refer to Jay Z as "Beyonce's husband" then confuse The Dream with The Game. Why even bother writing that sentence?

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