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How far would YOU go for IG Likes? Cook imaginary meals in lingerie? Photoshop your bad built-ness away? Steal pics of luxury accessories you can’t afford from Google? Because that’s currently the sad yet hilarious wave on Instagram.

Hit the jump for another gallery of dummies caught FRONTIN’ on IG.

These chicks ain’t loyal and damn sure ain’t cooking in these hilarious IG pics. No traces of cooked food (pancake mix but no pancakes?), oven mitts, spices or hot stoves in photos with perfectly angled booty meats? IG models gotta do better.

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Filter sorcery. Stay woke.

Photoshop sorcery.

Your grandpa was dying a slow agonizing death and the first thing you do is take a pic? Hmmm.

Laptop, candles and water? Three things that shouldn’t be together. Yet they’re all in this pic. IG is hilarious.

By ‘no makeup,’ she means all of the makeup, right? Because…


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