Digging For Gold: Update – BDR “Bossip, Accept That My Game Is Tight!”

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Uncle Blood Diamond Russ peeped our post this morning of him and his vanilla boo-boo, Julie, and decided to let us know that he’s been pimpin’ since been pimpin’ since been pimpin’…pimpin:

Dear Bossip,

I read this morning your headline, “Digging for Gold” with a picture of me and Julie Henderson saying that the picture was taken last week at some food event. This “digging for gold” photo was taken last night @ my apt. The event was a fundraiser for the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding…so you’re right we were digging for gold! The honoree was LL Cool J. The organization promotes religious and racial harmony. It is a deep investment of my time, passion and money. Currently, the main focus is Muslim/Jewish relations and we have 52 programs in America where imams speak in synagogues and rabbis speak in mosques :-) We are also spreading this work all over the world. Please send your gold or donations to ffeu.org. Also, as for my “boney, boo” Julie Henderson, she is nobody’s gold digger…she is a quite independent supermodel. FYI. Before yoga and marriage, back in the Krush Groove days, I was fat and high on coke, but I was still known to have the baddest girls from all over the world. Now I’m rich, vegan, sober and in much better shape…Can’t u guys just accept that my game is tight!!!! Love Bossip…

-Russell Simmons

Dear Uncle Blood Diamond Russ, we hear you loud and clear. Try sprinkling some of your pimpery to some brown sistas from time to time – we’re just saying…..lol.

Peep BDR subtley suggesting his bony boo Julie Henderson put on a few pounds. All jokes aside, the swirly pair were spotted yucking it up at Imperial’s Home Cooking Thursdays in New York City last night. Dig more of the event plus Star Jones on the red carpet of the 2009 Skating with the Stars in Central Park below.

david-g-rosenberg-bdr & julie h.reverend-run-406russell-simmons-and-ll cool j

russell-simmons-and-ll cool j 2reverend-run-and-russel simmonsll-cool-j-and-reverend run

Star Jones on the red carpet at 2009 Skating with the Stars in Central park.Star Jones on the red carpet at 2009 Skating with the Stars in Central park 2Star Jones on the red carpet at 2009 Skating with the Stars in Central park 3Star Jones on the red carpet at 2009 Skating with the Stars in Central park 4


  • bronzedasian


  • Luv-Lee

    LL look different..I guess he just getting older.

  • BE

    who cares???????????/

  • jb_1030 (wishes she had Carrie's shoe collection and sex like Samantha)

    I am likeing Star’s coat, boots and skirt, just not on her.

  • BE

    @JB -Star’s coat, boots and skirt, just not on her.
    ************and just not all together************


    Russ has been dippin into other cultures too long—-doesn’t he look like an Asian man. Good guy though.

  • sj

    Clearly, Kimora got the better deal from the divorce. Russ needs to find his yoga chick and stick with her. Everybody else is such a downgrade from Kimora.

  • http://Bossip Tapanga

    I do not like the orange dress. It’s not working for her at all! Love Russell’s smile. To me it looks like they are really good friends that kiss from time to time but nothing serious.

  • http://Bossip Leah

    @SJ. Correcting you because you’re wrong! Russell has had plenty of dimes excluding this trollop since Kimora. Who the FCK is Kimora. You act like that pie face Kimora was the queen of beauty. NOT!!! I like Kimora for I am half Asian half black she represents for the mix girls. But, to say that Russell has been downgrading since Kimora is an absolute ignorant lie.

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    She looks good in orange. Russell has flowers for days. If she’s on blast then she’s on then she’s probably totally worth it.

  • DayShifter

    She’s not even that cute…

  • sour grapes

    @ HANNIBALS PIMP AKA MR.BACKHAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. I’m a black man, and damn proud of it.
    2. I have a passport, and been to over 23 countries, not just the ususal Carribean, Mexico.. I been to Ghana, Gambia, South Africa, Nigeria,Morroco, Japan, Austraila, New Zealand, China,Japan, Tailand and many others
    3. I also have Dual Citizenship in Ghana, and currently own property their.

  • sour grapes

    @ Nikki

  • sj

    Wow!Your pretty passionate about them…I only stated my OPINION, sorry if you don’t agree. It’s okay I’m not gonna call you names and get all upset. You need a hug…it’s not that serious, grow up.

  • Christie's secrets (la vie serait plus belle si j'avais un job !!! grace a dieu tout ira bien tres bientot)


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