Cluckers Stealing Motorized Wheelchairs From Handicapped Now Talking About “Them Motors Are Worth Big Bucks!” [Video]

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Houston Man On That Sherm Takes Off Clothes In Front Of Kids Until Family Comes And Saves The Day! [Video]

Thank God his family was able to help him… because if the police had gotten there first, he probably would’ve been shot dead.

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She Outchea!: Check Out Lark Voorhies’ Makeup Looking Ghastly And Crazy Again! [Video]

Damn! someone ELSE has got to grab hold of Lisa’s career… because whoever is pulling the strings now is f***ing it up.

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*Updated* The Swirl Ain’t Perfect: Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Daughter Speaks Out About Her Drug Addiction [Video]

We all got problems… even those that SEEM perfect.

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Can They Do That?: Drug Testing In Middle School & High School? [Video]

drug testing at school

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