It’s HOT In The ATL: Gwinnett County Warrant Sweep Nabs Over 60-Thugs And Hoods! [Video]

It’s hot in the ATL… And thugs are calling out for their mama’s!!!

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Pure Comedy: Gangster White Boy Curses Out Reporter While Being Arrested After Being Caught On Tape Stealing An Old Lady’s Porch Bench? [Video]

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Inmate Has Outburst In Court Calling Judge “Cr**ker” And Is Sentenced To A Year In Jail For Contempt [Video]

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He Get It From His Mama: Chief Keef’s Mom Blows Big And Tells How Chi-Town Did Her Wrong [Video]

Poor kid never had a chance…

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Snapped: Woman Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail For Stabbing Boyfriend To Death Because He Wouldn’t Give Her A House Key


Bad news for you girl, where you’re going it’s all locks — no keys. Continue »

F**k A Lipstick And Lace Front Wearing Thug: Convicted Drug Dealer Says He Cross Dressed To Murk His Rival

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.58.03 AM
This dude is 6’2 200 pounds and dressing up like Madea to murk people… SMH Continue »

Thug Love: French Montana And Khloe Money Kardashian Post Up On The Gram With Guns And Liquor

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.40.49 AM

Ho what you know about a heater? Who does she think they are — Bonnie and Clyde? Continue »

Thug Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend’s 7-Year Old Son And She Says “But, I Still Love Him!” [Video]

His uncle is not having it… and he already told his sister “Hawkins is bad news!”

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We Don’t Blame Them: Mother & Her 5-Year Old Shooting Victim Son Scared To Return Back To Neighborhood [Video]

Gotta give the kid a chance!

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