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John Snyder’s Son Furious Alleged Killer Was Interviewed By Dr. Phil Show Before Arrest

This story is so crazy. Back in August 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was arrested after allegedly killing a couple outside their home and seriously wounding a neighbor who had tried to stop him. When police arrived, he was eating the face of the man — John Stevens. Now Steven’s son John Stevens IV is making sure everyone is paying attention to how Harrouff, who has been portrayed as a “popular frat boy” by the media, continues to be painted in a sympathetic light, particularly by the “Dr Phil” show, which conducted a phone interview while Harrouff was in the hospital.

According to Palm Beach Post reports:

On Aug. 15, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office say Harrouff beat Stevens, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53 to death at their home on Southeast Kokomo Lane after he stormed out of a Duffy’s Sports Grill in Jupiter where he was with his father. A neighbor tried to intervene and was injured in the process, according to authorities.

Investigators say it’s unclear if Harrouff was under the influence of drugs, but when authorities arrived, he was biting Stevens’ face. While in the hospital, his organs began to fail because the hospital staff said it believes he drank some cleaning fluids from inside the garage where he killed the couple.

In a segment called “The frat boy dubbed ‘cannibal killer’ breaks his silence from his hospital bed,” the “Dr. Phil” show programmers say they have “an exclusive interview, right before his arrest” that is set to air Friday. The program airs at 4 p.m. on WPEC-12, the local CBS affiliate.

“Harrouff speaks out for the first time from his hospital bed,” the preview reads. “What does he say caused him to go from popular student to an accused killer?”

Are y’all already noting what’s wrong with this picture. Do we even have to mention that if a black man was found anywhere near the scene the chances of him making it to the hospital alive would have been slim to none?

John Stevens IV, the son of John Stevens, whom Harrouff is charged with killing, completely agrees with that assessment.

“It may be his right to give a phone interview, but if the process would have been followed like any other double murderer (and he was arrested immediately), he may have not been so inclined to give an interview from jail,” Stevens told The Post.

“I’ve never seen a black or minority suspect with such an inherent sympathetic spin (as Harrouff is getting),” he said. “They make him seem as sympathetic as possible because he’s privileged and white, and it’s really and really sad.”

He said when Austin Harrouff’s father, Wade, went on “Dr. Phil” several weeks ago, it was another ploy for more sympathy. In a segment that aired Sept. 7, Harrouff told Dr. Phil that his son suffered from undiagnosed mental illness and apologized for his son’s actions.

Stevens said much of the coverage by news outlets has focused on how Harrouff was a good student at Suncoast High School and Florida State and popular, painting him as a victim. What people forget, Stevens said, is two people were killed and others hurt Aug. 15.

“We all live in a time when we’re cynical about media and law enforcement,” he said. “My reaction is general disgust.”

“I really hope people can use their brains and see that (Harrouff) is a monster,” Stevens said.

We do too. But can we really trust the Florida justice system to handle this right?

Austin Harrouff is being held at the Martin County Jail on two counts of second-degree murder with a weapon, one count of attempted first-degree murder with a weapon, and one burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery. The state plans to pursue first-degree murder charges, which must be presented to a grand jury.




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