Thirsty 101: Bone-Skinny Rapper Liv Makes Dis Video To Kanye West & Kim Kardashian [Video]

All this hate on Yeezy looks bad on some people. Hell, the other day he was compared to a murderer and woman beater. Continue »

Celebs Who Publicly Insulted The People Who Put Money In Their Pockets


A smart person knows to never bite the hand that feeds you…at least not in public.

Shots Fired: Big Worm Pimps Scary Spice And They Say “F**k Katt Williams, Hes A One Trick Pony!” [Video]

Big Worm is a straight up gangster!

Continue »

Wanksters: Audio Of Maino Calling Trinidad James And Punking Him Into Talking About Malcom X [Video]

SMH @ Charlamagne saying this dude is “acting crazy.”

Continue »


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