12-Year-Old Boy To Go On Trial For Murdering His Neo-Nazi Father By Shooting Him Point-Blank In The Dome With A .357 Magnum

.357 magnum

Do you think a 12-year-old should be put on trial for murder?? Continue »

For Discussion: Mitt Romney’s Co-Chair And “Race-Baiter In Chief” John Sununu’s Shenanigans To Energize Black Voters??

John Sununu

In case you were unaware of John Sununu’s (Mitt Romney’s top adviser and right-hand man) track record, USA Today columnist has broken this dude down… Continue »

This Ann Coulter Broad Again: Wicked Witch Of The GOP Calls Obama A “Retard”

ann coulter

We all know Ann Coulter stays out of pocket with her racist rants, Continue »

Some Bullsht!: Racism & Monkey Chants At U21 Serbia Vs U21 England Match Gets Black Kid Sent Off?! [Video]

Them young black men and mixed brothers on England’s U21 are dope. Continue »


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