Watch Justin Bieber’s House Get Raided For Egg Throwing And His Homie Get Caught With Crack In His Pocket! [Video]

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What A Waste Of Tax Money Looks Like: First Police K-9 In Kentucky To Get Bullet Proof Vest! [Video]

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*Updated* Watch Idiot Pigs Almost Kill Each Other Crossfire Shooting At Unarmed-Non Threatening Vehicle In Broad Daylight And Crowded Neighborhood! [Video]

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Color Matters: Black Teacher Mrs. Ethel Gets 38-Years In Jail For Sex With 1 Kid, But ‘Whitehurst’ Does 4 Months After Having Baby And Sexing Multiple Students! [Video]

There is always some meaningless nuances that make black folks get more time than white folks…

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Raw Footage Of The Dodgers Yasiel Puig’s Arrest On Florida Highway: He Sounds Hammered! [Video]

Are those pink shorts?

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NC Cops In Trouble After Shooting Subdued Mentally Ill Teen “We Don’t Got Time For This!” [Video]

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