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HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 21: (L-R) Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley on September 21, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

(Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic)

Jennifer Williams Details What Went Horribly Wrong With “Sweetie Pie’s” Ex-Boyfriend Tim Norman

Earlier this week, reports emerged that “Sweetie Pies” star Tim Norman was accusing former girlfriend Jennifer Williams of breaking into his home, slashing his tires and trying to run him over in his vehicle. Jennifer clapped back at the accusation, revealing she filed an incident report over Tim stalking her just days ago. ‘

BOSSIP spoke with Williams exclusively and the reality star says she’s been living in fear since discovering her ex, who she thought was residing in Texas, was in her neighborhood Sunday.

“I feel like I’m in a Lifetime movie,” Williams told BOSSIP. “I have not been with him for three months, he’s been blocked from BOTH of my phones, all of my social media. I’ve moved on in another relationship and been living my life in L.A.”

Williams said she became alarmed Sunday when she left her home and spotted Norman’s truck in the area.

“At one point he did have a set of keys to my place, so I was like did he get a copy of my key made? Is he going to my house?” Williams told BOSSIP. “I turned around, I see him parked by the side of the road. He followed me, so I dipped off and went to my friend’s house.”

Williams says because Norman has a criminal history she was concerned for her safety and decided to stay with her friend rather than take any chances.

Fighting through tears, Williams told BOSSIP, “He is a convicted felon, I know he has guns, so I decided to file an incident report Monday.”

Williams says she waited for her friend to get off work Monday to accompany her to her local Hollywood police station. While she was in the police station filing her incident report, she was told Norman had just left the station 45 minutes before. Williams says she had no idea what Norman could have possibly been doing in the station, since they had not been in contact for three months.

People who have been following the story online already know that both Norman and Williams posted their reports on Instagram.

Williams went on record with BOSSIP to dispute Norman’s account. “He says I followed him home, but to my knowledge, he doesn’t live here,” Williams told BOSSIP. “This is a real live one. Let’s run the tape back. When I was on Basketball Wives, Eric threw a drink in my face, I did nothing. When have I ever been known to be violent?”

Fans of “Sweetie Pies” will likely recall Norman had a legal dispute with his own mother, Miss Robbie, but Williams says she recalls Norman getting in trouble in the past for putting his hands on employees.

“I think that he has settled out of court, but I have witnessed him punch one of his cooks in the face,” Williams told BOSSIP.

Jennifer added that she opted to keep her filing confidential because she did not want any press over their issues.

“I’m just trying to move on with my life,” Williams told BOSSIP. “I’m not filming anything. I don’t know if he is filming something, but for him to be on OWN which is basically a women’s network, acting like this toward a woman is terrible.”

When pressed for details about what went wrong in their relationship, Williams revealed that Norman had always shown a jealous streak over the course of their relationship.

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HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 21: (L-R) Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley on September 21, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

(Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic)

Jennifer Williams told BOSSIP she dated Norman for a little over a year before she ended the relationship due to what she described as insecure and jealous behavior.

“In July or August we were in Pink Taco and he bugged out because this guy kept looking at me,” Williams told BOSSIP. “He threatened to break his neck. He pushed all of the glassware off the table with his forearm onto the floor.”

Williams said after they left the popular eatery he tried to blame her for his fit of rage.

“He was like, ‘You were looking at him!’ He makes things up in his head.”

Williams also said Norman might be spiraling because of financial issues.

“I know his restaurants in L.A. closed and his Rolls was repossessed, so maybe that’s why he’s upset and he’s looking to place blame.”

Jennifer adds that despite cutting ties in September, Norman has continued to make things up about her including the rumor that she’s dating Benzino.

“I’m not dating Benzino,” Williams told BOSSIP exclusively. “I’m dating someone else entirely who isn’t on social media. Benzino is like a brother to me, we became close when we did the show together and he was a good friend when my mother died because he dealt with losing his mother also.”

Williams said that while Norman was jealous of Benzino during their relationship, she believes Norman is actually behind the current stories that have linked her with her former reality co-star.

“I was at a party my friend from Boston had, and she also knows Benzino and had invited him, so he was at the party and I put him on my IG story.”

Williams believes Norman may have seen her posts and become jealous.

“Tim broke into my phone so he sent some isht to Althea, some DM’s but the actual DM’s don’t say what the ones Althea posted, so he must have manipulated them. It’s unfortunate because I always liked Althea and encouraged Benzino to try to work things out with her. That’s his son’s mother and she’s a nice person. It’s sad as grown adults you can’t have a friend.”

While Williams says she wishes Tim the best and just wants to move on with her life, she’s also vowing to take legal action against him.

“He best believe I’m suing for slander, defamation and all of that,” Williams told BOSSIP. ” I have to clear my name because I can’t have people thinking I’m some psycho.”

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