To Serve And Park: LAPD Cop Named Stacey Koon Tasered Rodney King’s Azz, Now He Drives A Limo! [Video]

Stacey Koon

Wait, the guy who beat Rodney King was a “Koon”?? Open my door ho! Continue »

GTFOHWTBS: White House Ignores Texas Petition To Secede From United States


Everything is bigger in Texas…which might be why they continue to get a big ole’ ‘Ho Sit Down’ from the POTUS.. Continue »

The Swirl: BDR Flosses His Yoga Bawwwwdy On The Beach With His Lil German Jawn Hana Nitsche

Music mogul Russell Simmons and his new girlfriend Hana Nitsche enjoy a day on the beach in Miami, Florida on December 9, 2012. Russell did some stretching before him and Hana took a dip.

Russell Simmons spotted showing off his man boobs, back hair, Buddha belly and model-of-the month girlfriend on the beach in Miami again. Continue »


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