Who’s Going to See It??

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Will Smith was in Miami for the premiere of his new movie, Seven Pounds, and he looked mighty dapper, if you don’t mind us saying so. We don’t care about all the gay rumors surrounding Will Smith (wink) because his movies are great.

With that being said, Who’s going to see his new movie when it “comes out”?

More pics of Will below.

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Lavish Living

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Ceddy Ced was on the scene for an event commemorating American Buffalo’s opening night and he was given a bottle of Crown Royal XR. It must be nice for Cedric to drink that high end stuff (retails for between $140-$180) while us regular folk are stuck drinking the regular Crown Royal that comes with the purple bag.

More pics of Cedric cuddling his precious bottle below.

Images via WireImage

Some Saturday Spirituality

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Heather Headley was in Hollyweird performing songs from her new Gospel album, just looking like a Colgate model with her cute self. SMH at the fact that she performed in a strip mall courtyard.

More pics for your viewing pleasure below.

That’s Just The Way It Is

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Keyshia Cole’s reality show has broken records according to Livesteez:

The third season debut of BET’s original series “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” has just become the network’s most watched original series season premiere telecast of all time.

A total of 1.4 million households and 1.94 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday night (Nov. 11), giving the show’s season debut a 1.54 coverage rating, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The premiere posted a 10% increase in viewing among households compared to last year’s premiere, maintaining the series’ consistent year-to-year household growth with each season premiere (1.18 million and 1.24 million households for season one and two, respectively).

Additionally, episode two of “Keyshia Cole” aired immediately after the premiere and built on those strong lead-in numbers, scoring a 1.67 coverage rating and drawing 1.5 million households and 2.0 million viewers. Episode two of season three now stands as BET’s No. 1 original series telecast so far this year, according to Eurweb.com.

We love to the see the organized drama that is Keyshia Cole’s life, including her mom and sister acting a donkey. We take it ya’ll liked it as well. And if that wasn’t enough, her new album is due out on Dec. 16th. The album cover is certainly interesting, doesn’t look much like our girl Keysh at all…

Check out the complete article.

Seen on the Scene

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The flyest presidential couple ever to grace the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama, went out last night in Chicago for dinner.

Before you peep the pics below, check out a few Liveteez’s 8 Steps Black People Must Follow Under President Obama:

2. As “Black People,” we can no longer say that we do not know a family like the Huxtables, now we will say “I know one better, they live in the White House.”

3. “Black People” cannot abuse these four words, ‘My President is Black’. Which means do not pull into McDonald’s drive-thru and tell the person at the window, “I can have it my way, because ‘My President is Black.'” Drive across the street to Burger King.

5. Fellas, do not shoot up your whole ‘hood’, then expect “Black People” to stand behind you. That’s just plain ol’ stupidity and we won’t have any excuses for your black behind.

6. Ladies, be responsible for your actions and don’t allow yourselves to get pregnant by a no-good dude, then name the baby Obama-ichelle, and think that it’s okay. “Black People” and the Department of Family and Children Services will still look at you the same.

Hit up Livesteez for the rest of the steps.

Oprah’s Show Headed to Her OWN Network

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Oprah’s daytime talk show could have a new home according to Livesteez:

Oprah Winfrey is expanding her media empire and launching her own television network. Discovery Communications, which is partnering with Winfrey in the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) cable channel starting next year with distribution in 70 million U.S. homes, announced yesterday “The Oprah Winfrey Show” will cease to air via syndication on ABC by September 2011.

“The expectation is that after that, her show will go off of ABC in syndication and she will come to OWN,” Discovery CEO David Zaslav said on the company’s first earnings call as a public company. “We’re talking now about what the presence will be and what kind of programming she would be involved in directly. But this is her Chapter 2, and building the OWN brand online and on-air is . . . a core mission for her.”

Zaslav said Winfrey now is “very involved with us and focusing on what the channel is going to be, as well as developing Oprah.com.”

The move is a blow both to CBS-TV Distribution, which syndicates the show, as well as to ABC, which airs it, reports the NY Post. But Oprah’s company, Harpo, said in a statement that although her production contract is up in 2011, “she has not made a final decision as to whether she will continue her show in syndication beyond that.”

Oprah’s leaving and we have tears in our eyes, but not because we are sad. We’re crying because for the first time ever, we know who has the upper hand in getting one of those new jobs that will be coming. Wink.

Read the full Livesteez article.

Alicia Does Berlin

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The talented Alicia Keys performed during the 177th ‘Wetten dass…?’ show at the O2 World on Friday in Berlin and we’re proud to say she wore something without suspenders.

Bask in the beauty below

Catch a little bit more of her glow when you Continue »

Faking It

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Keri Hilson knows exactly what to do in the bedroom:

For a woman to feel her best, her man has to support her.” A statement Hilson says goes both ways, even in the bedroom. “Sometimes you have to feed the male ego.” “Men think they know when we’re faking it, but they have no idea. I know girls who are really good at it, and the men have no clue.”

There’s no blaming Keri or any other ladies for faking it sometimes. If the new episode of Desperate Housewives is coming on in 15 minutes and your bust-it-boy needs his “medicine,” you really don’t have any other options.


Someone We Actually Like

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The next First Lady already has a transcending beauty about her that doesn’t require a $150,000 wardrobe. She was recently on Jay Leno talking fashion among other things:

Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, , made a guest appearance on Jay Leno Monday, and the talk show host didn’t waste any time mentioning the recent controversy surrounding Sarah Palin’s lavish wardrobe. Questioned by Leno, the potential first lady declined to criticize GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin about revelations that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 at Neiman Marcus and other high-end retailers on clothes and accessories for Palin and her family, according to The Associated Press. “Actually, this is a J. Crew ensemble,” she told comedian Jay Leno. She wore a yellow sweater, skirt and blouse ensemble. “You can get some good stuff online,” she added. Obama said she and her husband have a policy of spending their own money on their clothes. But she said she wanted to be “empathetic.” “A V.P. pick, it’s like being shot out of a cannon. All of a sudden you’re at the center of attention, and you want to look good,” said Michelle Obama, adding she has never met Palin. “You’re living in your home, minding your business, and all of a sudden you’re on the national stage and everyone’s watching.”

What a classy first lady we will have. Pale-in would not respond remotely as tactfully as Michelle did. You know they would have been handing out flyers, blasting emails, and running commercials if Michelle had spent that kind of money on anything.

For the full article, hit up Livesteez


Under the Radar

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Denzel and his family, including Paulette’s bad self, attended the 30th annual Carousel of Hope Ball in Cali along with a few other couples such as Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell and Rodney and Holly Robinson-Peete. It’s always good to see such radiant Black love.

More pics below.

A gang more waiting for you to pop the hood… Continue »

Halloween’s Coming

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Jada and daughter, Willlow, along with Angela Bassett and her twins attended he 15th Annual Dream Halloween To Benefit Children Affected By AIDS Foundation in Santa Monica yesterday. Kim Fields and her family were also in attendance.

A few more pics just waiting to be viewed when you… Continue »

Tip-Toeing Into Stardom

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Jazmine Sullivan popped up at the House of Blues in Chi-Town to perform some tracks from her new album, which we dig. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the shoe game and the big toes being left out to dry. Now, that’s just a d@mn shame. SMH.

More pics from Jazmine’s performance below:

Some pics of LL also in the Chi at Sears promoting his clothing line when you look up under the the hood. Continue »

Quick and Early Start for Blacks

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Blacks are getting an early start to this year’s presidential election, according to Livesteez.

Americans are voting early in large numbers this year — and African-Americans in several states are turning out in disproportionate numbers. Some fear that polling places in predominantly black neighborhoods will be overwhelmed by a record turnout on Election Day. Others are voting early to be certain the chance to elect the first black U.S. president doesn’t slip away. Lorene Smith was in her twenties when she marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. She witnessed first-hand all kinds of history-book images — the fire hoses, police dogs and flailing billy clubs. Now, at 65, she has graying hair and a bad back that prevents her from standing too long. She is taking no chances with a ballot she once believed could never be cast — a vote for an African-American presidential candidate.”We gonna have two little black girls in the White House running up and down the hallways to find their dog,” she said as she voted Tuesday

No one has united the black community the way Obama has, since Martin used to come on in the early to mid 90’s. It’s been a long time coming and we are elated to see the type of support shown for Obama. YES WE CAN!!!!!

Read the full Livesteez story here.

Black Hollyweird Love

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Don Cheadle and his wife (who knew he was married to Sideshow Bob?) attended The Dream Believe Achieve Inspiration Gala in L.A. In these times when a Hollyweird marriage is less binding than a pinky swear, it is refreshing to see these two stick it out and raise their family (knock on wood).

Another pic of Jimmy Jam and his wife flossing that pigeon-toed, knock-kneed steez.

Images via WireImage

We Know You See It Too

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Look at Raven looking all buxomly bodacious. We don’t know, but perhaps it’s the cut of this dress that’s making her shoulders look sort of linebacker-ish. It’s hit or miss with this chick.

Another pic of Raven at the Pixie Premiere of Tinker Bell below.

Images via Wireimage


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