What Hoodrats Do: “Big Brandie” Popped For Forcing Kids To Fight On Video, But How Old Is She!?!? [Video]

We can’t believe her age… she looks at least 30!

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Don Lemon Goes In On Black Community And Says “Bill O’Reilly Has A Point About Glorifying Lil Wayne And Rap!” [Video]

Bill O’Reilly dropped this rant (Above) the other day that we sort of agree with… So does Don Lemon. (Check Below)

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11 Things Black People Love To Put Hot Sauce On


How many of you know a woman who carries hot sauce in her purse?

For Discussion: They Say They Don’t Care, But Did The Use Of The Word “Cr*cker” Really Decide This Case? [Video]

Some white folks will tell you “Cra*ker” is not offensive to them and some will say they dont know what it means, but like the George Zimmerman jury… Continue »


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