Where Are Our Parents: Two Harlem 12-Year-Olds Charged With Attempted Murder After Pushing Shopping Cart Four Floors Onto “Philanthropist”

- By Bossip Staff

These two little hooligans couldn’t have picked a worst time to be out there doing hoodrat shyte with their friends.

The Manhattan mom critically injured by a shopping cart tossed from the fourth-floor walkway of an East Harlem mall was devoted to kids like the two 12-year-olds charged yesterday with the senseless crime.

Marion Salmon Hedges was hurt just moments after buying bags of candy that she had planned to hand out last night to trick-or-treaters on her Upper West Side — and across town at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center on E. 93rd St., where she volunteered.

Instead, the 47-year-old mother of two was at Harlem Hospital on Halloween night, unconscious and barely clinging to life.

“It’s in God’s hands,” the victim’s father-in-law, Michael Hedges, said through his tears. “You see her laying there, unconscious in the bed, with 50,000 tubes in her. She has absolutely no recognition, not even a glimmer of anything.”

Over at the neighborhood center, executive director Wanda Wooten said Hedges was a dynamo fundraiser who also belonged to the Junior League and was active in her church.

“She’s a terrific member,” said Wooten, who said she went shoe-shopping with Hedges on Friday. “We were talking about the impending snowstorm. It’s all the more shocking. You can’t believe this happened.”

The 12-year-olds, whose names are being withheld by The News because of their age, are from the neighborhood served by the center.

Wooten said she didn’t recognize their names.

Both were turned over to the Administration for Children’s Services after a Family Court hearing where they were each charged with assault in the first degree.

One of the boys was accompanied in court by his mother and a paternal uncle.
The second was with his mother and an older brother. Neither of their dads were at the hearing.

Police believe the boys were horsing around when they sent the cart flying at about 5:49 p.m. Sunday and don’t believe they were targetting Hedges. A 14-year-old pal who tried to stop them told authorities, sources said.

“I’m beyond shocked,” Michael Hedges said, when told the boys’ ages. “They should throw the book at them.”

Marion Salmon Hedges, who attended the posh private Spence school and graduated from Barnard College, grew up the daughter of a businessman and a doctor and worked in real estate.

Her husband, also named Michael Hedges, has been working of late in Spain for Merrill Lynch. They have two children: Dayton, 13, and Elizabeth, 14.

“She’s a super, super nice person,” a close family friend said. “She’s been involved in not for profits and charities for more than 25 years since high school. Forever. That’s the kind of person she is.”

Oh yeah: it’s a wrap for these two little knuckleheads. And just like that, two inner city kids’ lives are probably ruined. Over some dumb isht.


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  • saywhat!

    Dumbazz kids. I can’t stand bad kids who eff up other ppl lives or property just becuz they think its funny.

  • loc

    Little punks just ruined that ladies life as well as her families lives. Lock them up,they would’ve probably ended up as drug dealing thugs anyways. It said neither of their dads were at the hearing,i am sooooooo shocked.

  • Team nymphis

    I’m not saying they did it intentionally…but this is what happens when you fail in parental responsibilities.your children can’t think past the immediate satisfaction of their urges.no concept of related consequences to their actions. No thoughts of(-what if?, maybe we shouldn’t,)

  • Niasia

    Ok to be fair these children are only 12 yrs old. How can we expect them to think as adults?! I’m sure their intent wasn’t for it to fall on a person! The human brain isn’t fully developed until 25+ to charge them with attempted murder is obscene! But oh they’re poor and black what could they be any way right? This was a tragic accident!

  • Camilladundilla

    @ Niasia….. Ur comment is soooo on point! I’m reading the comments above and I’m like, dang, so harsh! @ team nymphis…..ur comment also made a lot of sense!

  • loc

    Whoever stole my name needs to get a life!

  • team nymphis


    I don’t think they should get attempted murder either.maybe reckless endangerment.but your argument that they’re only 12 and that their brains aren’t fully developed is weightless.if not;then why didn’t they jump off the walkway? Because their brains were developed enough for them to know that they would hurt themselves.

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