The Tyra Desperation Files: Video Shows Tyra Banks Flirting with Ludacris, Lying

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Click here to watch Tyra flirt and lie on her show today.

Our friends at TMZ captured video of Tyra flirting with Luda and trying to rap on her show today. Tyra says she was only 13 when she wrote this rap. LMAO, according to Tyra, she had a weave and green contacts when she was only 13! How in the hell did she remember that, more than 2 decades ago if she is to be believed? Tyra’s desperatation continues by telling Luda “Just me and you baby”. Before Luda cuts her off, she wants to repeat “Just me and you baby” just in case Luda didn’t catch it the first time. I wouldn’t put it past Tyra to start inviting dudes she would consider dating for a calculated introduction. Interesting she was linked to Chingy today who has beef with Luda.

Melyssa Ford Showing Her Industry Ass-ets

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Model Melyssa Ford showing one of her assets that has helped her career. She attended Little X’s Halloween party last night at Lotus in New York. She has a nice ass, if her career was solely based on this asset, I would expect big things from her in the future.

Halloween Costumes 101

Jonah Dacaney writes to People Magazine:

I’m almost 3 years old and I love music. My mom, Lordelyn, tried to dress me up in a sequined powder blue ’70s outfit, but I hated it and refused to wear it. So, at the last minute she dressed me up as Jimi Hendrix. I was happy that I could go to the children’s library costume party as a famous rock star!

One of the more original costume looks. Much better than the costume below. Bill Maher gets an “A” for orignality, F for taste and “sensitivity”. Let the guy (Steve Irwin, Crocadile Hunter) rest in his new grave at least a couple months before the jokes start.

Just How Desperate is Tyra Banks: Chingy

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Via Star Magazine:

Tyra Banks is wasting no tears over ex-boyfriend, Madea’s Family Reunion producer and star Tyler Perry. In fact, a source tells Star that the supermodel/mogul has been busy playing footsie with rapper Chingy! The pair first met on an episode of Tyra Banks’ talk show last year when Chingy revealed to Tyra that he had a thing for fine women’s feet. Tyra immediately tore off her shoes and plopped her tootsies right down on Chingy’s lap — embarrassing the poor rapper! (It seems that Tyra had neglected to have a recent pedicure.) Hoping for a second chance with the handsome St. Louis native, Tyra recently invited Chingy back to her show to tape not one but two episodes for November sweeps — and this time, Tyra made sure to have her toes done! “On the first episode, Tyra tried to kiss Chingy, and he seemed to be taken aback by her forwardness,” an audience member tells Star, “But the next day, Tyra teased Chingy, saying, ‘I have a fresh pedi!” Chingy immediately rubbed and kissed Tyra’s bare feet and then said, ‘I know I was a little taken back the other day, but now I’m ready for a real kiss!’ and the two locked lips! You could see the sparks fly!”

Well, Tyra Banks has been screaming out loud that she is desperate. I guess this tells us just how desperate she is. The $50 million+ moguls and athletes are probably not checking for Tyra anymore. Time to test out the $100K album advance money market.

Jay-Z Rides Against Jim Jones on Hot 97 Flex Interview, Returns to New York from Abroad

Interview spotted at Nah Right. For Jay-Z’s freestyle on the show, click here. Freestyle leaves a lot to be desired. LMAO how Jay-Z doesn’t even respect the little rappers going after him for attention, treating them like annoying flies. The interview went down last night.

Jim Jones photoshop spotted at RealTalk New York

FLAVOR OF LOVE 2 Reunion: FUBU Jerry Springer

You know a show is FUBU when the host “LaLa” starts making threats. Looks like the geniuses at VH1 made a phone call to the Jerry Springer producers about how to script up some FUBU drama. Flav looks like he is smoking up his VH1 checks.

Whitney Houston: ‘I Feel Great’

According to People Magazine ,Whitney Houston has said she “feels great” and Clive Davis who has worked with her in the past says they are in the process of making a “killer album”. Don’t know what took away from her beauty and talent more, rocks or Bobby B. Damn, Whitney is looking hot.

Lets take it back. Here is Whitney and TLC in 1993 in the “I’m Every Woman” video.

Rick Fox and Sharon Stone Mack It Up at Hyde

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Via our friends at TMZ:

Reliable sources tell TMZ that actress Sharon Stone and former NBA star Rick Fox were making out at Hollywood hotspot Hyde on Saturday night, and that the relationship is developing into something more than just a one-night canoodling session. The pair arrived at the club separately, but spent a couple hours inside “with their hands all over each other,” according to witnesses, and then were snapped by photogs leaving Hyde together. Another source tells us that Fox introduced himself to “Basic Instinct” star Stone at Hyde recently, but that their mutual interest is a recent occurrence. Stone has had three previous marriages end in divorce, and Fox was previously married to singer-actress Vanessa Williams. Stone’s rep had no information on the encounter, and Fox’s rep could not be reached for comment.

According to the gossip tranny Wendy Williams, Rick Fox has herpes. If this is true, the hook up with Sharon Stone makes sense. Sharon Stone: “Rick, you got herpes, I don’t care about that, that’s like catching a cold here in Hollyweird, I had that back in the 80’s.” Throwing up the “generic” peace sign is wack but can it get any worse than Wendying Williams throwing up the two fingers? A clear sign it’s time to find something else to throw up.

Lionel Ritchie’s Daughter Nicole Ritchie Collapses at Club Hyde

Middle pic is when she looked almost healthy.

Via our friends at TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie passed out at Hyde nightclub early Sunday morning in Hollywood. We’re told it occurred just before 2 a.m., when Richie passed out and fell to the floor. An employee approached Richie and her friends and said he was calling 911. Sources say they told the employee not to make the call and that they would take Richie to a hospital. The friends then carried Richie out of the club through the back door. TMZ does not know if Richie went to the hospital.Before Richie collapsed, we’re told she hung out for awhile with Lindsay Lohan inside the club. Lohan had her own bizarre tale early Sunday morning on a street in Hollywood.

Thats what happens when you continue to take drugs such as Black Tar/Heroin and don’t eat, while putting out press statements that you are going to see the doctor to find out what is wrong. Kick your habit and you can party all night. Lionel, it’s about time for some intervention homie.

New Track: The Game Ft. Nas: Why You Hate The Game

Audio spotted@Nah Right.

Seen on the Scene: Whitney Houston, Kanye West, Usher, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, Christina Milian

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Notorious metrosexual and fashionisto Kanye West is probably giving his fiancee Alexis some fashion tips, she looks good here. The couple were in Bel Air at Viktor & Rolf Celebrates The Launch of Their Collection for H&M Friday.

Christina Milian was also in attendance in Bel Air and was rockin the 70’s flight attendant look and apparently bringing in Valentines Day early. The usually fly Milian allows a good thing to be ruined with her shirt selection.

Usher, Clive Davis, and Whitney Houston attend the 17th Annual Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills Saturday night. Whitney is looking better and better and it seems Bobby was taking away more than her money, her beauty as well. She looks great!

Halle Berry sporting her boy toy and “trying something new”. Halle: “I gave you brothas a chance and the only thing I got was a broken heart and bad hearing in my ear.”

Halle-Robinson Pete looking hot as hell with her husband, former football player Rodney Pete. She is doing everything right here and is clowning everyone with her well thought out dress selection. She looks great, one of the more sane looking couples in Hollywierd.

Quincy Jones: “I sure do love me some White women.” “Wonder if I have my Viagra pills in the car to try to break this thang off”. Quincy Jones and Sharon Stone who was mad because she couldn’t tongue down Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman.

Who rocked it better? Amerie rocked a plaid Diane von Furstenberg dress at a Big Apple bash, while Foxy Brown wore a red version at a NYC fashion show.

Seen on the Scene: Busta Rhymes, Donald Trump, Tigga, Joy Bryant, Nik from America’s Top Model

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Bossip’s favorite girl in Hollyweird Joy Bryant (Antwan Fisher) attends The Times BFI 50th London Film Festival in London which held the premiere of “Bobby”. Joy looks good here but those boots look busted as hell with that dress. The dress also looks like it is putting pressure on her legs, keeping them together. She needs to consistently step her fashion game up to match that “natural” dime face.

Busta: “I feel so good and important taking this pic with these beautiful and rich white folks”. “Only in times like these will you see “hard” rappers such as myself show teeth“. Donald Trump launched his new premium Vodka at the Trump Tower in Manhattan Thursday night.

A “shaky” and not so sure of himself Tigga takes a pic with Nik from America’s Top Model. She looks great, she could of leaned back a little on the eyeliner. Tigga is dressed well also, good colors. Look hard/mean , happy/smile, something, never the “I don’t know look”. SMH. Tigga’s face on the pic kinda has that Mark Foley/John Karr quality.

Update: Baby on Kissing Picture: "That’s my life, that’s my love, that’s my thang right there"

Baby has officially responded to the rumors of lip locking with Lil Wayne on a regular basis and this picture. Baby went on Q93 radio station in New Orleans and said the following:

“That’s my life, that’s my love, that’s my thang right there. That’s my little son and I love him to death.” – Baby

Click here to listen to the audio. He discusses the kissing around the 5:20 mark. Audio link spotted at Nah Right.

Seen on the Scene: Joy Bryant, Mekhi Phifer, Derek Luke

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Joy Bryant at The Times BFI London Film Festival-“Bobby” photocall. This is a great shot. Joy looks wonderful, definitely a natural beauty with a bright future…

Que’ Bonita!! Freddy Rodriguez, Svetlana Metkina, Joy Bryant, Christian Slater, and Emilio Estevez….I was like EMILIO!!!! (You would only get that if you saw Night at the Roxbury)

Mekhi Phifer in attendance at the Xbox “Gears of War” launch party…loving the cheesy smile, Mekhi!

Chudney Ross, daughter of Diana Ross was also there. There’s just something about this girl that doesn’t do it for me.

Tim Robbins and two of my fav actors, Don Cheadle and Derek Luke.

Exclusive: “Stuntin” in My Daddy’s Mouth: Picture of Lil Wayne and Baby Kissing

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This pic is not photoshopped! LMAO how TQ (right, white tank top) is looking like “what the f*ck”? It is widely known in the industry that these 2 “thug rappers” kiss each other on the mouth.

G Unit’s Young Buck

If you don’t believe us, listen here to Young Buck who used to roll with Cash Money talk about it. Young buck starts talking about it at the 7:40 mark on the audio. According to Young Buck: “This is some gay a*s sh*t”.

Lil Wayne who was adopted by Baby can also be seen kissing his “Daddy” on the Everything video years back. The kiss happens at the 3:55 mark. There is no sound on the video. They are kinda old to be kissing on the lips, especially with them not being of blood relation. SMH


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