FILL IN THE BLANK: Treach and Model Tyson Beckford

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Treach of Naughty by Nature (Down with OPP) and Tyson attended Rev Run’s surprise birthday party at Tenjune last night. Tenjune is supposed to be the sickest club in NYC right now, we are hearing a lot of good things about that spot.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Treach is looking “tough” and Tyson is smiling because____________.

Who Looked More Busted? Rachel Roy vs. Eve

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Damon Dash’s fashion designer wife Rachel Roy attended the World Premiere of “The Holiday” last night in NYC and Eve attended the New York AIDS Film Festival in NYC. WE MUST ASK, WHO LOOKED MORE BUSTED?

Lupe Fiasco Likes Girls

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco who is a practicing Muslim was honored by GQ as a “Man of The Year” attended the GQ party in LA honoring the winners and brought along “Marquita”.

Lupe: Forget this Muslim stuff, I better start taking dates to events, those little Cosby kids and wannabe hip-hop dudes over at Nah Right are calling me gay.

Magic Johnson and his little Son at GQ Man of the Year Awards

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Magic Johnson and his little son Spike Lee showed up at the GQ Man of the Year Awards last night. These dudes stay out the Hollyweird drama and keep it classy and moving. Others should take notice. TI also came through and with his upcoming role in the Denzel flick American Gangsta, he is making some damn good career choices.

New Beyonce: Listen (Dreamgirls Soundtrack)

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Is Christina Milian Cheating on Producer Boyfriend with Wilmer?

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We are hearing reports of Christina Milian cheating on her boyfriend producer Dre from production team Cool & Dre with Wilmer Valderrama. They reportedly have been hanging out and left club AREA Saturday night together and went back to his crib. Christina Milian lives in LA while her boyfriend Dre lives in Miami. Before Dre, Christina Milian was with Nick Cannon.

Wilmer to Howard Stern:

Because of the number of A-Listers on Wilmer’s list of sexual partners, Howard asked him if he’s well-endowed. Wilmer responded that he’s “been blessed” in that department, before saying that his penis is more than eight inches long. Wilmer went on to report that, when he’s with celebrities, he has two things on his mind: that he can’t believe he’s actually having sex with them and that he has to be sure to perform adequately. Although Wilmer insisted that he’s been rejected by women in the past, he couldn’t remember a specific instance when it happened

In White Folks News: Oochie Coochie, No No No-Britney’s Pink Toe on Display Once Again

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The Vagina Monologues—Britney: La-Dee-Da driving pantyless and slighty intoxicated in the midnight hour is quite refreshing. Oops, what was that? How do you pump gas again? Let me get out the car and have a ganders..

Britney: Oops I did it again (you knew that was coming, lol)! Gosh darn it, these flimsy little dresses. I’m glad they were able to fit me in for a brazilian even after recently giving birth…
Pics spotted @ fadedyouth

Britney previously getting out of the car sans skivvies with raunch-extraordinaire Paris Hilton. Click here for full view. I think I just lost my breakfast, YUCK!!!Britney Spears is definitely the victor over Rihanna in the race for the grossest crotch-shots!

LL Cool J Rides Against Jay-Z Again, Leaves DefJam for 50 Cent’s G-Unit

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LL to MTV News on leaving DefJam because Jay-Z is boss:

“How am I gonna re-sign with competition? I’m not an idiot. I can’t depend on that man to promote my record while he’s somewhere writing rhymes. I’m LL Cool J. I ain’t doing that.” “I can’t depend on that man to promote my record while he’s somewhere writing rhymes … I’m LL Cool J. I ain’t doing that, B.”

After poor album sales, LL previously blamed Jay for poor promotion of his album and rode on Jay-Z for only being concerned about Jay-Z (himself) while pushing his artists to the backseat.

Some speculate that LL is hating because he was one of the first artist on Defjam and he was passed over for the CEO position for Jay. LL Cool J is a legend but he is washed up, think about stepping your game up old man, a record company or some other business venture, something. That taking off your shirt and licking your lips steez is not working anymore old man. LL went on to say that his next album is going to be more “street”. SMH


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Kim Porter outside of Nellos restaurant in NYC yesterday while Diddy is currently in Toronto working on a movie.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Kim Porter lives in Atlanta away from Diddy and is having more kids with him because_______________.

Who Looked More Bangin? Ashanti Vs. Halle Berry

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Ashanti visited TRL yesterday and this is Halle early this month at the 2006 BAFTA LA Cunard Britannia Award. WE MUST ASK, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?

New Nas Ft. The Game: Hustler’s

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Click here to listen. The track is over a Dr. Dre beat and sounds sick. Spotted at Nah Right.

Rihanna Shows Everyone Her Padding

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SMH, Rihanna is coming out with a new dance and I heard it’s called the crotch.

Time for Some Teeny Bop: Paula DeAnda

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Paula DeAnda swooped through TRL to promote her latest video “Walk Away” today.

While talentless Cassie has just hired a new singing coach and is fumbling with her career, Paula who is Mexican is blowing up and is probably going to have that teen market on lock, her song is picking up a little steam. LMAO@ “does she know you like to play PS2 til 6 in the morning quite like I do”.

Snoop Dogg: Suge Knight Wanted to Cut My Hair, I was Ready To Kill Suge

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In an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone, Snoop Dogg says:

“The n***a threatened my life when he was in jail,” Snoop revealed to the publication. “N***as tried to get at me at concerts; they put my address on a tape. He was gonna give a n***a a Benz if a n***a cut my hair. All kinda f****n’ with me.”

In the Rollingstone interview, Snoop goes on to say he punked Suge Knight with his crip homies at the BET Awards (four years ago) and that he was ready to kill Suge. SMH, Snoop’s album is out so I guess it’s time to start talking tough. Snoop goes to so say former pimp, “Bishop” Don Magic Juan is his spiritual advisor and Bishop talked him out of killing Suge. The Rollingstone issue hits newstands Friday.

Police Investigate Free Baby Posted On Craigslist

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Via Associated Press:

A classified ad that offered a free baby boy on the Craigslist Web site was under investigation by police Friday although the posting was believed to be a hoax.The ad was posted to the “free stuff” section of the site early Thursday alongside offers for free turkey dinners, a set of crutches and an electric stove.The writer, who said he was in San Diego, claimed that his ex-girlfriend had the baby a few weeks ago.”Now he just sits in my closet and cries,” the ad stated. “I’m not too sure how to deal with it.” The posting added: “Batteries not included. Transaction final. No returns.”

SMH at what the net is being used for these days. SMH@”Batteries not included. Transaction final. No returns.” To watch a news clip covering the free baby internet giveaway, click here.

Hollyweird Celebrity in Craigslist Response Email: Hey, is your baby Black, preferably from Africa?


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