Who Looked More Busted????

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This is a random picture of Lil Superman. No, Above The Law wasn’t talking about this dude. Actor DJ Qualls attended the Young Hollyweird Awards Sunday night. DJ Qualls rocked his “You Are Special” T-shirt and it looks like he wanted to show it off.


Football Star’s Ex-Wife Holds Garage Sale

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Jean Strahan, the ex-wife of Giants star Michael Strahan was spotted selling his items during a garage sale over the weekend. “Jamal Callaway” walked away with two televisions, with 32- and 20-inch screens, for $100. Jamal told the local newspaper:

“I get to cheer for Mike on his TV”

Jean was already awarded over $15 million dollars, over half of Strahan’s net worth. Click here to read about the dumbest pre-nup ever.

Click here to read about the garage sale.

In White Folks News: Fill in The Blank Edition

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It was only a matter of time before that trailer-park steez was going to come out, full blast. Britney Spears was spotted in LA over the weekend with some interesting gear.

FILL IN THE BLANK: If you had to describe Brtiney Spears in a couple words, it would be ___________________.

The ‘Black Angelina Jolie’????

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Actress K.D. Aubert attended Movieline’s Young Hollyweird Awards in LA last evening. She has been called “The Black Angelina Jolie”. If you don’t watch intelligent movies like Soul Plane, then you probably haven’t seen her.

Are You Feelin’ This Get-Up??

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Fantasia @ the official After Party for the New Broadway Show “The Color Purple”

Well, at least she’s trying.

How Did We Miss This Pic Last Week?

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These two are at it again…

I know these pictures are so last week, but I don’t recall any make-out shots of Tyra and Kimora at that Knicks/Nets game so…

Spotted @ Rhymes With Snitch

In the Buff

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Vanessa Williams and Cassie in the May 2007 issue of Allure. There’s nothing like tasteful nudity.

Meet The Cast: Bossip Talks “Jumping The Broom” With Stars Of The Movie

JUmping the Broom

Jumping The Broom lands in theaters May 6th, but before you check it out, check out Bossip’s exclusive interviews with the cast. Continue »

D-List Love: Marques Houston is Hittin Mila J

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Sources say Marques Houston is hittin singer ‘Mila J’, the girl he and Chris Stokes helped get some exposure last year. Apparently, Marques and Mila J have been spending a lot of time together. You know what they say about couples that rock pink-ish colors together.

Fu*kin for tracks????


Quote of The Day: Michelle Obama

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Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle talking to the Chicago Tribune:

“I heard that growing up, ‘You talk like a white girl,’ “One of the things I hope happens through our involvement in this campaign is that this country and this world sees yet another image of what it means to be black.”


TMZ: White Lady is Lying on Chris Rock

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TMZ is reporting that the woman claiming to be the mother of Chris Rock’s love-child is a fraud with a checkered history that includes DUI’s, bad checks, theft by deception, domestic disturbance, and an eleborate cell phone scam. The sad thing about this story, Chris Rock doesn’t deny banging this dusty broad.


Camron Wasn’t Always Against Snitchin’

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Camron will be on 60 Minutes tonight and he talks about refusing to snitch :

“If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?” Giles responds to a hypothetical question posed by Cooper. “I wouldn’t call and tell anybody on him — but I’d probably move. But I’m not going to call and be like, ‘The serial killer’s in 4E.’ ” Giles’ “code of ethics” also extends to crimes committed against him. After being shot and wounded by gunmen, Giles refused to cooperate with police. Why? “Because … it would definitely hurt my business, and the way I was raised, I just don’t do that,” says Giles.

Well, when people talk tough in the media, there is always someone digging up some sh*t. The Smoking Gun has obtained documents where Camron did “snitch” on a crew of 15 dudes who beat him down back in 1999. Click here to read what Camron told the cops.

It sounds like the NYPD heard about Camron talking about snitching and leaked the documents.

Sanjaya: I Had to Shake The Hater’s Off

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“Don’t be scared, lean in and talk to her”

During a recent interview, Amerian Idol loser Sanjaya Malaker says he had to shake the hater’s off to keep going:

“There are always haters and there is always support. If you focus on the hate it’s gonna drive you crazy. I tried to focus on the positivity in everything, whether it was a negative comment or bad publicity. I tried to learn from everything that happened and being on this show was a huge learning experience.”

Sanjaya also says he just got his “GED”, wants to be a model, and ” I do have great hair, I have to admit.”

Can we officially retire the word “hater” now? “Some people” don’t even know what it means to “hate” on someone.


Diddy Voted on ‘Top Inflated Ego List’

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Diddy was named to a list of celebrities who have the biggest egos. Justin Timberlake was ranked #1 with Diddy and Angelina Jolie close behind. The ranking which was established by US Weekly says:

“(Timberlake) has claimed that McDonald’s shares climbed 25 per cent when he walked into their offices and changed their image.” Jolie is apparently regarded as a “great leader” by those close to her, while Diddy has boasted about being “one of the greatest entrepreneurs and entertainers the world has ever encountered”.

TimberFAKE needs to lean back. After dissing Prince and claiming responsibility for a 25% increase in McDonald’s stock price, someone needs to tell him without the Black co-cosigning and Timberland on the beats, he is just a “Snow” who can dance. If you don’t know who the f*ck ‘Snow’ is, click here.


Style Game: Rachel Roy and Kerry Washington

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Damon Dash’s fashion designer wife Rachel Roy, attended the New Yorkers For Children Celebrates New Years in April event in NYC Friday night. Kerry Washington attended the Bloomberg News Cocktail Party last night, which was related to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

If what Rachel Roy is wearing is a reflection of her fashion line, Damon Dash better cut his losses.


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