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Brandy must be trying to get back into the game; she was spotted shopping recently and uh, well…nothing interesting to really say here.

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Tyler Responds to Spike Lee Calling Madea a Coon…


In a recent interview, Spike Lee refers to Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcoms Meet the Browns and House of Payne as coonery and buffoonery. Tyler Perry responded to Spike’s comments in his interview on 60 Minutes which airs tonight at 7pm.

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Sheree Go Home and Stay There


Sheree hit up the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Fashion show in NYC looking like this. We would like for her to go home and stay there, no need to try again. More important people also hit the scene like Naomi Campbell, but we just had to point out her get up. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: UPS Worker Finds Weed in a Package, Sells It and Gets Arrested


The sticky icky always gets people caught up… Some federal agents informed UPS manager, Anna Wright, that her store may be receiving a package with contraband inside. As soon as she received it, Anna was supposed to contact the United States Postal Inspectors but that didn’t happen.

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Kanye Protects his Investment


Amber was kickin’ it with some friends in Philly this weekend. They say Kanye doesn’t allow Amber to host any parties. We can’t blame him for that because he hasn’t put a lot of time and $$$ into the relationship for the bald headed beast to go and f*ck it up!!!!

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Jay-Z is Soooooo Ready for Kids… Beyonce Better Get it Together


The other night, Jay-Z was performing in Rhode Island and brought a little boy up on stage. He asked the little boy where his mother was, paid her a compliment and then asked if she had a boyfriend. Bey Bey… you might want to hurry up and pop out a kid because your hubby may be on the prowl…

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Meet the First Family Now

Obama Daughters

The official First Family portrait of the Obamas has been released.  Flip the hood for the family portrait. Continue »

Look at What We Have Here…


Janet was spotted sitting next to Will. I. Am at the UFC fight last night. Hmm…. Another pic of the two under the hood. Continue »

Rashida Jones & John Mayer: Publicity Stunt or Just the Right Place at the Right Time???


Rashida Jones, Quincy Jones’ daughter, is always known for floating to the other side. The other night, it was said that Rashida was seen on a hot, steamy date with John Mayer at the Chateau Marmount, but now her PR is saying that it’s not true…

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Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Shot 31 Times in Atlanta


Yesterday in Atlanta around noon, the police found a man dead that had been shot 31 times. The men that killed him have not been found yet. At some point, the violence has to stop and that point is now.

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Kelly Rowland is OK


Kelly Rowland is featured in OK Magazine.  First a video model, now OK Magazine. Kelly might be on to something.

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A “Lil Positivity”: Cicely Tyson Opens Up a Community School in New Jersey


Actress Cicely Tyson was overjoyed to see the unveiling of the new Cicely Tyson Community School in New Jersey over the weekend.  Ol Harpo and others were also in the building to see the re-opening of the school which was just remodeled. 

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Looks Like Kimora is Back to Work


Kimora Lee Simmons hit up the Teen Vogue’s Fashion University event in NYC over the weekend.  Her baby fat is gone on the bottom, but her face still looks _______. In any event, we are just glad to see her back to work.  More pics of Kimora once you pop the top. Continue »

Isiah Thomas Feels “Betrayed” by Magic Johnson Over Gay Rumors In Tell All Book!


Isiah Thomas is pissed off at Magic for saying Thomas questioned his sexuality:

Former Knicks coach, Isiah Thomas, is lashing out at Magic Johnson over accusations contained in a soon-to-be published book written by the former Laker and Larry Bird, including the claim that Thomas questioned Johnson’s sexuality… Continue »

Nicki Minaj Talks About “Looking For a Bad B*tch


Nicki Minaj is a freak to no end.  In the video below she is offering the interviewer a free touch of her goods, which he turns down… sort of softly, but when she says ” f*ck n*ggas” we rewound the video.

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