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Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan – How I Feel

Just like Melanie Fiona and The Weeknd, Rochelle becomes yet another Canadian transplant delivering something we haven’t gotten from our young American soul/R&B singers in a minute. Y’all better step your game up. Because this one here?…

Shanell – How To Love (Remix)

Yes, this is officially the Summer of Remakes We’ll Call Remixes. Here, Shanell puts a real singers vocals on Lil’ Wayne’s surprisingly good singing debut… which is a little bitter sweet, because now we see what this song could have been. Which version do you like best?

T.I. – We Don’t Get Down Like Y’all feat. B.o.B

Don’t call it a comeback! The Kang is done making songs about how sorry he is about being a fk up. Instead, it sounds like he’s got his swag back and he’s ready to reclaim his throne in the A. We haven’t liked a T.I. single on the first listen in a minute! So we’re excited.

Tyrese – I Got A Chick feat. R. Kelly and Tyga

You would probably expect all types of corniness from this combination of artists right? Surprisingly, this song is refreshingly dope. And we’re really glad Tyrese chose to let someone other than his alter ego Black Ty handle the rapping on this joint.

Jay-Z – Criminology (Freestyle)

For you man-stans out there, since they’re keeping this Jay-Z x Yeezy “Watch The Throne” joint so tightly under wraps, we offer this previously unreleased freestyle/radio interview from a throwback Hov with no beefs. He shouts out Dame Dash AND Jaz O. That’s how much of a throwback. Enjoy!

Dear Bossip: I’m In Love With a Gigolo

What’s going on Bossip fam! I have a huge issues that needs to be addressed an I need some sense talked into me asap. Continue »

BeyBey Loves The Kids… King B Heads To Harlem To Hang With The Shorties

Singer/actress Beyonce Knowles makes a special on stage in-store appearance at Target in East Harlem with children from the YMCA Camps, held at the Target in the East River Plaza Mall in NYC

King B – lookin’ not unlike the King of the Jungle Mufasa — showed up at Target in East Harlem today Continue »

Twitter Files: Where Are You Yeezy???

The Push and Pull of Southern Black Meccas

Can You Be In A Relationship Without Playing Games?

Some people say they’re for immature teens, others recognize there’s a little game-playing in every relationship Continue »

“Obrigado, Brasil!!!” A Few Of Our Favorite Beautiful Black Brazilian Bangers

Valquira Ribeira

Don’t let these silly rappers and their silly rap songs and rap fantasies fool you: every woman in Brazil is not Adriana Lima or Gisele-looking. Continue »

Chit Chatter: Ricky Rozay Says Don’t Hate — Women Love His Man T*tty Juice!

Rick Ross

Does Man-T*tty Rozay put baby powder under his breastssss? There’s one fan out there who has tasted the truth! Continue »

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