April 18th 10:11am

Please, Baby Baby Baby, Please: 6 Things Men Say and Do When They Want You Back

If homeboy is trying to get you back, he might do the following things to get and stay on your mind…You’d better be careful.

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April 18th 10:08am

Full Basketball Wives Episode 9: Evelyn Attacks Jennifer Again!!! [Video]

These girls are going all out now. Jumping on tables and just acting overall… ghetto. Tami finally tries to get to the root of her anger and Evelyn… well, Evelyn attacks Jennifer again.

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April 18th 9:10am

You Must Be Crazy!: Kim Kardashian “Wants To Be Mayor Of Glendale Cali.” On Khloe & Lamar [Video]

The funniest part about Kim Kardashian wanting to be mayor of Glendale is…

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April 18th 8:45am

WTF??? Acura Asked For African-American Actors That Were “Not Too Dark” For Jerry Seinfeld/Jay Leno Superbowl Commercial!

What ever happened to “the blacker the berry, the better the actor”? What? Isn’t that how the saying goes??

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April 18th 8:41am

Rihanna, Warren G, And Snoop Dogg Backstage At Coachella With Footlong Joint: What Is Written Across Rihanna’s Stomach??

Backstage at the festivities of Coachella… that Cali Dank with Snoop Dogg, Warren G, And Rihanna…. HAD IT CRACKIN!

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April 18th 8:32am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Urinating In The Bushes Starts Bustin’ Shots At His Neighbor Who Was Complaining

Really, though?? This guy was shooting folks up for complaining about him pissing in their bushes???

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