March 16th 12:12pm

Pre-Ink: A Gallery Of Notoriously Tatted Up Celebrities Before They Had Their Tattoos

Tattoos are the biggest craze these days…but it hasn’t always been the case.

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March 16th 12:04pm

John McCain’s Busty And Attention Sloring Daughter Meghan Tells Playboy: “I Love Sex And I Love Men”

She also mentioned that gay guys love her because of her big boobs and blonde hair:

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March 16th 11:50am

Jesus Take The Wheel? Texas Man Murders Iraq War Vet For Not Believing In God

Can being an atheist in America get you killed? If police in a small town in Texas are to be believed, the answer to that question is yes. SMH

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March 16th 11:19am

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the Web

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March 16th 11:17am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

A strong case of religion and race matters

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March 16th 11:15am

A$AP Rocky Says A Lot Of XXL Freshman Are “Motherf-ckin’ Corny As Fu-k”

FUSE caught up with A$AP Rocky down at the SXSW in Austin, TX and and asked the Harlem rapper to clear up some rumors

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