November 17th 12:00pm

Win A Flyaway with AKOO & B.o.B To NYC

AKOO Clothing is giving away a trip to NY to see B.o.B. perform to a lucky reader!

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November 17th 11:39am

Don’t Get Struck Down! When Stars Call Themselves “God” And Other Blasphemous Acts

Momma always said “don’t play with God”. Clearly these celebrities never heard of that.

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November 17th 11:05am

Surprise: Car Thief Returns Vehicle After Getting A Sad Text Message On The Victim’s Phone

Somebody or something was definitely watching over this lady…

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November 17th 10:56am

What Your Man’s Car Says About Him

Depending on a man’s age, a car can play an integral part of expressing his self-esteem, childish dreams, overall attitude, hard work or complete laziness.

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November 17th 10:14am

Another Day, Another Kelly Rowland Magazine Spread With “Life Is Awesome And Destiny’s Child Was Fantastic” Quotes

Here is Kelly Rowland doing what she probably collects the most checks for at this point: posing for yet another magazine.

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November 17th 10:05am

Shook Ones: Just Because I’m Gerry Sandusky Doesn’t Mean That I’m “Jerry Sandusky”

This guy is gonna get the craziest looks when he pays with his credit card…

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November 17th 10:03am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez and Pope Benedict XVI are all subjects in a new controversial Benetton ad campaign called Unhate.

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November 17th 9:48am

Which One Would You Hit?? Jesse “Light Eyes” Williams Vs. Joe “Fine A$$ Werewolf” Manganiello

Yummy, ladies! Two of the most desirable men on TV, Jesse Williams and Joe Manganiello

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