May 18th 2:00pm

More Than Just Athletes: 10 Business-Minded Players

When it comes to making money, they’re not playing.

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May 18th 1:29pm

Cry Me A River: Botox Mom Apologizes And Wants Her Poor Child Back…Like That’s Gonna Happen

Remember the woman that gave her eight-year-old Botox injections? She’s apparently now sorry for her actions. Boo-hoo.

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May 18th 1:08pm

All Hail The Greeks Part 3: The Sorority Edition

We’ve spent some time talking about the famous members of Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations, now it’s the ladies’ turn.

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May 18th 12:16pm

When A Queen Meets A King: Finding The Balance For Love

Two common misconceptions about relationships

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May 18th 12:12pm

Those Are Fightin’ Words! Cornel West Wants To Slap The Sh*t Out Of Obama Because He Cussed Him Out

Dr. West must have an album coming out or something, because he’s throwing out disses like he’s 50 Cent or something.

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May 18th 11:53am

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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May 18th 11:02am

Coon of the Day: Leroy Wins 2 Million Dollar Jackpot and Still Uses Food Stamps

On a show called “Make Me Rich,” Leroy Fink of Michigan hit the jackpot and won 2 million dollars

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May 18th 10:27am

A “Lil Positivity”: Swizzy And His Shiny Suit Make It Rain For The Bronx Charter School For The Arts

Swizz Beakz dug out his most progressive, art-loving (read metrosexual and suspect) suit last night

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May 18th 9:59am

Oh Lawd! Lamar’s Ex Liza Morales Done Got Khloe Praying To Jesus…

We didn’t think The Breakfast Club interview with Liza Morales, Lamar’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his kids, was that bad. But we’re not sure Khloe would agree.

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May 18th 9:43am

Matrimony-dom: Jurnee Smollett And Husband Josiah Bell Do BMI Pop Awards (20+ Photos)

Jurnee Smollett came out to support her husband Josiah bell (the two wed in December 2010) at the BMI Pop Awards last night in Cali. A gang of folks were in the building including Keri Hilson, Laurieann Gibson, and her scary a$s makeup job…

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May 18th 9:40am

UK Psychologist ‘Explains’ His ‘Black Women are Less Attractive’ Theory

In yesterday’s racism news, we presented to you what was said to be “objective” scientific data that explains why genetics, testosterone and intelligence

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