May 17th 12:24pm

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May 17th 11:17am

Putting Down The Pen For The Mic: Hottest Songwriters Turned Singers

While many artist are comfortable with sitting in the background and making that publishing money,

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May 17th 11:13am

SMH: Houston Salon Owner Robbed For $150,000 Worth Of “Remy Human Hair”

Man, you know it’s getting bad when folks are ganking weave hair:

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May 17th 10:39am

For The Ladies: Brothas Who Get It Right

We often speak about those brothers who diss women in their music

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May 17th 10:35am

Celebrity Seeds: Guess The Precious Wittle ‘Kini Clad Kiddie

This celebrity seed was spotted flexin’ her red ‘kini while on vacay in Miami. Can you guess who she is?

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May 17th 10:27am

Who Is My Father??

This girl’s father is a superb Hollyweird actor…can you guess who he is???

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May 17th 10:24am

Auntie Vivica Explains How She Settled On That Shady Slimm Character

We know you’ve been trying to figure out what it is exactly that Vivica Fox settled on this guy as her future live-in sperm donor husband.

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May 17th 9:58am

Who Looked More Bangin?? Naomi Campbell Vs. Rosario Dawson

Naomi Campbell and Rosario Dawson both strutted down the runway in Cannes for the Fashion for Relief show.

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May 17th 9:32am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Reality TV “Mom” Lied About Her Daughters’ Illness To Get Sympathy And A New House

This broad ain’t ISHT, it’s disgusting how people will use their children like poker chips

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