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Toya Wright Speaks On Memphitz’ “Hall Pass” Claims

Remember when the shocking news broke that Toya Wright gave her husband Memphitz 8 hall passes a year to cheat???

Well the NY Times best selling author/reality star recently stopped by BOSSIP’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast to confirm whether or not she really gave her estranged spouse permission to be unfaithful.

According to Toya, the “hall passes” comment was  just pillow talk between the couple, who are not in an open marriage.

On Memphitz’ alleged 8 hall passes:

It’s definitely not an open marriage. The hall pass thing was pillow talk. If I did give this man a hall pass, it’s not for you to know, you to know, you to know or anybody else to know—which I didn’t. But if I did give him a hall pass I feel like that’s my business.

What works for me might not work for you. When you’re in a relationship and you have pillow talk with your husband—we were talking about something that he asked me about and I was not cool with it and I was like, ‘Okay, you better take this hall pass’…like that type of talk.

To get on national TV and say it, really he probably believed it [even] knowing his wife is crazy as hell. It’s not going down like that. […] I’m not the hall pass girl

On men being disrespectful:

When I say disrespect I don’t like the way men talk to women. At one point if guys were to sneak around and do stuff you’d have to find out about it, it wouldn’t be in your face. Nowadays they just tell you ‘ok, I’m texting shawty like what up.’ I”m supposed to be cool with that but you’re trying to get with me. Y

ou want me to be cool with you texting shawty because we’re just dating? That’s disrespectful. […] I’m not cool with you talking to me stupid telling me what you doing with Keshia, Tisha and Jill, I’m not cool with you listening to trap music singing all these songs to me like as if you talking to me through the music.”

On cheating:

I don’t like cheating even though I truly feel like all men cheat and that’s my opinion. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it. I don ‘t wanna know about it, I really feel like that.

On women settling for poor treatment:

I think women settle for anything because they want to be attached to that type of man because they want fame or notoriety but you’re not gonna disrespect me, you have to stand for something.

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