November 16th 10:23am

Must Be Nice: Guess How Much The Eagles Paid Mike Vick In September To Lead Their Wack A$$ Dream Team

Because he’s still repaying the $10-50 Million in debt that caused him to file bankruptcy right before coming home from his bid, Mike Vick still has to report all of his income to the courts on a quarterly basis.

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November 16th 10:18am

What The Hell? [Video]

Steven Tyler and his band ride the waves in Maui to prove “he’s ok.”

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November 16th 10:02am

Bangers: Cassie Suits Up In Swimwear For InStyle Magazine

Cassie is back to doing what she does best in the December issue of InStyle Magazine.

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November 16th 9:34am

The Hottest Chick In The Game: Chelly-O Lookin’ Lovely In Hawaii

Michelle Obama was looking absolutely stunning accompanying husband Barry-O in Hawaii:

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November 16th 9:21am

Sorry Fellas: After The Nightmare, C-Milli Isn’t Checking For Any Of Y’all

You gotta love it when pretty girls with low self-esteem find perspective after a dude who should have never had her fawks her head up…

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November 16th 9:10am

Basketball Ex-Wife Jennifer Williams Recently Launched her Lip Gloss Line…Ladies, Would You Cop Some???

Jennifer “I still rock blue contacts in 2011″ Williams and her beautifully long legs

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November 16th 8:46am

Secret Service Thinks Gun-Toting Nut Job That Fired Shots At The White House May Be A Threat To President Obama

President Obama has always had to deal with harsh criticism, but now it looks like he might have to duck real shots!

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November 16th 8:46am

In Nasty Pedophile News: Penn State Assistant Coach Under Fire For Witnessing Jerry Sandusky Raping A Boy In The Shower Says He Alerted The Police

Mike McQueary says he alerted the police of Jerry Sandusky’s disgusting locker room actions back in 2002:

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