April 26th 12:41pm

Who Looked More….Uhhh Bangin??? Lil Kim Vs. Natalie Nunn

Lil Kim and Natalie “Mac Tonight” Nunn

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April 26th 12:36pm

NY Rapist Refuses Government Paid Heart Transplant

Rapist Kenneth Pike turns down heart transplant, after a heated debate.

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April 26th 12:28pm

What The Hell??? New Mexico Woman Mauled To Death By Pack Of Pitbulls

This poor woman is dead after being pounced on by four pitbulls while walking alone in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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April 26th 12:13pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Levee In Missouri Breaks Floods Entire Town Causing Residents To Flee

A small town in Missouri has been flooded by water from the Black River due to a breach in the levee protecting the town:

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April 26th 11:55am

Bye Haters: CNN Has Found Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Can we finally end this nonsense already?

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April 26th 11:48am

Poor Thang: Kim Zolciak’s NFL Baller Boo Calls Off The Wedding Because She’s A Crazy Beeitch!

Looks like Kim Zolciak won’t be sinking her cougar teeth into that young and tender NFL man meat:

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April 26th 11:40am

The 10 Most Stressful Jobs In America

Yes its true, lots of people hate their job from time to time…

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April 26th 11:28am

Paper Thin: That “White Women Are Winning” Argument Is A Losing One

When I saw the title of Andrea Michelle’s Uptown Magazine article Why White Women Are Winning, my eyes hit the ceiling. What a silly notion.

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April 26th 11:28am

Dear Hollyweird: Please Don’t Remake These Movies

Hollyweird loves remaking movies whenever it runs out of good ideas.

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April 26th 11:16am

Lil Scrappy’s Mom On Diamond & Soulja Boy “Beeitch Got Booty Implants, I Wanna Put My Hands Around Her Throat!” [Video]

Lil Scrappy Then Called Into The Station And Said He Has No Beef With Soulja For Popping His Kids’ Mother’s Guts Out Like A Hernia.

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April 26th 11:14am

Put On Blast: Stripper Says T*ts Rozay Never Made It Monsoon $1Million In Miami

Back in January, the biggest Bawse in Miami hit the popular 305 strip club King of Diamonds, where reports claimed Rick Ross and company blew $1 million dollars for Rozay’s 35th Birthday party.

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April 26th 10:49am

For Discussion: Should Air Traffic Controllers Have Naps Scheduled Into Their Shift?

The air traffic controllers’ union thinks they figured out how to solve the issue of controllers falling asleep on the job.

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April 26th 10:46am

Destiny’s Stepchild Farrah Franklin Claims One-Time “Racially Profiled And Mistreated” Her

Farrah Franklin says she plans to file a lawsuit against the Culver City Police Department following her recent arrest for disorderly conduct.

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