December 8th 11:13am

Sen. Jon Corzine Of Goldman Sachs “I Don’t Know Where The Billion Dollars Is” [Video]

Go straight to jail… do not pass go and do not collect $200.

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December 8th 11:09am

Fellas, Would You Hit This?

Some Florida grannies are taking off their clothes for a little scrilla these days:

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December 8th 10:15am

Lindsay Blo-Han Puts That Yay’d Up Bawwdy On Blast: Marilyn Monroe Inspired Playboy Cover Takes A Leak

Are you ready to be bombarded with images of Lindsay Blohan and her blow bloated bosoms???

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December 8th 9:43am

Name These Cakes

Hmmm whose juicy posterior could this be?

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December 8th 9:36am

Illuminati Files: Hovi Hov Breaks Lil’ Wayne’s Billboard Record Now That “Watch The Throne” Finally Has A Top Ten Single

In the rap beef universe, “wins” are almost always a matter of opinion. And here’s yet another “win” to be debated.

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December 8th 9:32am

I Get Around: Is Disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles Baller Desean Jackson Chopping Down BOTH Bangers Mya AND Esther Baxter?!?!

It seems DeSean Jackson is having better luck catching ladies than footballs. On consecutive nights, Jackson was seen out with video vixen Esther Baxter and R&B singer Mya. On Sunday night Baxter, who’s been seen in hip-hop and R&B videos, in a few movies and as a model for King and other mags, was seen…

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December 8th 9:02am

Rent This Crib For $100 K: Check Out The Swanky Soho Townhouse Where Beyonce Has Shot Videos [Plus New Pics Of Bey]

We know how crazy everyone goes over everything BeyBey has touched, so we thought we’d share a look at this fly Soho crib where the “King B” has shot videos.

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