January 13th 4:03pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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January 13th 3:44pm

Clap Back! The 15 Cities With The Worst Herpes Rates In The Country…EWWWW!!!

Wrap it up everywhere…but ESPECIALLY in these states!

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January 13th 1:57pm

More Deion And Pilar Divorce Drama: Someone Is Moving Out Of “Casa De Prime Time”

What happened? We thought Deion said they were cool with faking it for the babies?

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January 13th 1:42pm

Who Is My Hot Hollyweird Banger Mama?

This little guy just made his big Los Angeles debut yesterday, but his Mama has been a banger in the business for a minute. Do you know who she is???

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January 13th 1:11pm

Is This Justice? Joran Van Der Sloot Sentenced To 28 Years For Murking Stephany Flores In Peru

Has justice finally been served, or is psychopathic playboy Joran Van Der Sloot getting off easy again???

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January 13th 1:02pm

7 Signs You’re Becoming Paranoid

Could you be paranoid? Don’t get caught slipping, girl!

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