April 2nd 12:51pm

Preciousness: Mommy Banger Halle Berry And Little Nahla Have Some Fun In The Sun

Halle Berry donned a ‘kini and a coverup to take Nahla out to Malibu yesterday.

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April 2nd 12:18pm

Waka Flocka Makes A Dream Come True For A Teenage Girl In Atlanta

Waka trying hard as hell to shake that “ignorant-a** ni**a” label…

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April 2nd 11:12am

ESPN Gives Jalen Rose A HO SIT DOWN!!!

Jalen Rose just got the “ho sit down” from his employers after failing to tell them about his DUI arrest last month.

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April 2nd 11:06am

PETA Spokesperson Compares Top Rappers To Animals (Do You Agree?)

We’d like to compare PETA to jerks-offs and a**holes for how they did Mike Vick, but we digress…

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April 2nd 10:47am

Yale University Is Under Investigation By The Feds For Their “Sexually Hostile” Environment

Who would have thought that an “institute of higher learning” would be the home of misogynists and a**holes? *side-eye*

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April 2nd 10:32am

Hang It Up, Flatscreeeeen: Nicki Minaj Disses the HELL Out Of Lil Kim…AGAIN!!

‘Roman’s Revenge’ was definitely a tough blow for the Queen Bee to come back from, but THIS sh*t right here is the insecticide!

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April 2nd 9:23am

Some Morning Cakes, Courtesy Of Mr. Cam’ron Giles

Who knew that Harlem rapper Cam’ron was so crazy about cakes?

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April 1st 6:42pm

Rumor Control: Sean Paul Denies Ever Giving Bey Bey That Dutty Rock

Man! He responded to that one QUICK, didn’t he?

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April 1st 5:49pm

Throwin’ Down: Celebrities Who Burn In The Kitchen

When you’re a celebrity it’s not hard to find a medium for all your hidden or not so hidden talents.

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April 1st 5:31pm

Rappers To Look Up To: The Tallest Emcees In The Game

The average rapper is probably slightly shorter than the average male which would place them around 5 feet and 8 inches

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April 1st 3:02pm

Bolitics: Will Barack Obama Benefit From An Increase In Minority Population In The 2012 Election??

Looks like we know why the Republicans are so bent on tightening immigration laws…

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April 1st 2:19pm

Mean Muggin’: Crazy Celebrity Faces, Part 1 [PICS]

We’ve all been out with friends at the club and taken pictures with the club photographer after a few Don Julios and looked at the pics the next day like “DAMN!”

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