November 30th 8:13am

Hi Hater: James Bond Calls The Kardashians A Bunch Of Fawking Idiots!

Man, everyone seems to have an opinion on the Kardashians these days, and this time it’s Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

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November 30th 8:12am

Word On The Street: Occupy L.A. Movement Is A Frickin Mess! [Video]

When you unleash Jason Moore within the Occupy L.A. tents and people… it’s just mayhem for Word On The Street… pure mayhem!

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November 30th 7:58am

Wanna Know How Much These Stars Really Weigh???

Ever wonder what these stars scale game is really looking like??

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November 29th 7:30pm

The Girlfriend Codes: Rules To Never Break With Your Girlfriends

What is a girlfriend code that shouldn’t be broken?

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November 29th 6:04pm

For The Ladies: Look Who’s Been Getting That Baaaaawdy Toned And Tight Since Becoming A Daddy!

In case you missed it when we posted his rage against the machine tweets the other day, this is Nick Cannon’s new Twitter profile.

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