March 22nd 9:07am

Charlie Sheen Is The Grand Wizard Of Attention Whores…

Just when we thought the fun and games were over…

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March 22nd 9:02am

Another Ev & Ocho ‘Surprise’: They’re In No Rush To Make It To The Altar

Again, try to contain your shock. Because, we’re sure you would have never guessed that this wedding wasn’t going to happen in the same whirlwind fashion as Chad & Evelyn’s whole “relationship” and “engagement.

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March 22nd 8:59am

Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiger Woods’ Brand New Drunken Becky Was Friends With Elin When They Were Married??

It’s one thing that Tiger Wood’s new 22-year-old girlfriend is a drunk, but now word is that she was even friends with Elin while married to “Cheetah.”

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March 22nd 8:45am

For Team Breezy: The Follow Up To “F.A.M.E.” Is Already In The Works

If the first thing you did this morning was purchase Breezy’s new album “F.A.M.E.,” we have some good news for you.

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March 22nd 8:32am

This Sh*tty Mother Is Keeping Felonies In The Family

This broad really ought to be ashamed.

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March 22nd 8:28am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Jennifer Hudson Is Still Bangin

Jennifer Hudson celebrated the release of her new album

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March 22nd 8:01am

Luster’s Renutrients Delivers Unlimited Style Power!

Get unlimited style power with Luster’s® Renutrients™.

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March 22nd 7:47am

Good News/Bad News: Our Efforts In Libya Are Almost Over, But…

The Allied Forces who went into Libya last over the weekend to protect the people against Psycho Ghadafi would have loved to have us believe this was gonna go down without any real danger to U.S., French, British and other U.N. troops.

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March 22nd 6:45am

Want To Cure Away The Gay? There’s An App For That… But Apple Is In Deep Sh*t For It

Jesus done gone and invented an iPhone application to help lead the poor wayward gays back to the flock.

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March 21st 6:37pm

In Irrelevant White Folks News: William And Kate’s Royal Wedding Will Benefit 26 Charities

Despite the fact that our country and theirs just spearheaded another war, the upcoming British Royal Wedding we can’t imagine too many people really caring about keeps getting headlines.

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