September 12th 6:51pm

Never Let You Go: Women That Stuck With Dirty Dogs Even Though They Knew About The Cheating…Would You?

Divorce is all around us these days. And it’s mostly the man’s fault. But sometimes women stick with their men through thick and thin.

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September 12th 6:20pm

He Wants You To Pay The Bill… What Do You Say?

You’ve been feeling this new potential boo for a while now–there’s been shameless flirting, stolen glances and finally an exchange of numbers.

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September 12th 6:15pm

Guess Which Star Is Getting Rid Of This Hollyweird $13 Million Getaway Now That “Entourage” Is Over…

We’re not sure if it’s because he’s anticipating having to be in L.A. less now that “Entourage” has ended it’s run on HBO, or if he’s trying to consolidate funds, but someone very vital to the show just re-listed this gorgeous, spacious hideout. Can you guess who?

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September 12th 5:21pm

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Kills Herself With Her Own SUV While Hitting Three Other Cars In The Process

A woman who was struck and killed by her own SUV in the parking lot of the Burger King

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September 12th 5:17pm

Knock It Off: Atlanta Police Discover $1,000,000 In Fake Purses, Jewels, Wallets, And Clothes In Flea Market Store

Who knew all that “Gucci” and “Louis Vuitton” could be worth so much??

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September 12th 5:06pm

Ask For An Absurdly High Salary to Receive Better Pay? Yes, It Works

In a difficult market, don’t let the slow economy be a reason for selling yourself short

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September 12th 5:00pm

UPDATE: Serena Williams Avoids Suspension But Is Fined $2000 For Angry Rant

We’re sorry, maybe Serena wild out a lil bit, but there are male players like John McEnroe who spoke to umpires WAY worse than this…

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September 12th 4:46pm

10 Rappers Formerly Known As…

When we first heard about Mos Def’s plans to retire his current moniker for a new name, Yasiin,

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