Once And For All: The 10 Worst Rappers Of All Time

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The 10 Worst Rappers Of All Time

Everyone is talking about Billboard’s silly greatest rapper of all time list because well, it’s a silly list to make and it’ll never be right. For instance, 2Pac wasn’t on the list so it’s sort of null and void. But nobody really pays attention to the worst rappers around. They need love, too. So let’s take a moment and highlight the worst rappers of all time.

Kreayshawn –

She got famous for being a crappy white rapper…but we all saw the jig from a mile away. Now she’s out the game and has been ignored for years now.

Iggy Azalea –

She doesn’t write a single bar and wasn’t even good at reading what was written for her. She’s out the paint, too.

Birdman –

He’s absolute trash and hasn’t made a single song better. But you can’t tell the boss no. He’s still one of the worst to touch a mic.

Silkk The Shocker –

He’s never found a beat he can rap to…ever.

Mike Jones –

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He’s famous for giving out his phone number…and that’s it.

Kobe Bryant (and every other athlete ever) –

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There’s an obligatory spot for athletes because they all suck. A few others have come along lately and haven’t been bad, but nine times out of 10 when you’re talking about an athlete you’re talking about a trash rapper. And nobody is worse than Kobe. He rapped on a Tyra Banks song and nothing good came of it…except for his marriage we guess.

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    Bizarre –

    Eminem thought he was dope enough to put him in a rap group but man Bizarre was trash juice cocktail. Maybe people liked the shock factor of what he said but if he can’t rap he can’t rap.

    Vanilla Ice –


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    We didn’t want to put him on here at first because his role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret Of The Ooze is classic. But he’s still Vanilla Ice.

    Chingy –

    He made a radio hit right thurr. But he’s not a good rapper right thurr. He makes bad music right thurr.

    Tyga –

    If there’s a worst rapper list ever to be made, Tyga will be on it. This is a proven fact. Now that he’s with a Jennerdashian, he’s going to only get worse. You’ve been warned.

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