March 15th 10:38am

Lady Looks Like A Dude: The “World’s Sexiest Bodybuilder” Popped For Slanging Poo Prostitution

Who told this tranny-looking chick that it would be a good idea to push that foogly coochie online…AND have the nerve to call herself “Miss Sparkle”???

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March 15th 10:17am

Stop The Violence: Party Crashing Teens Beat And Stomp Man To Death While Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs

This is so sad. An innocent man is dead after attending a house party in Queens Saturday.

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March 15th 10:02am

Which One Would You Hit: Yeezy & Kid Crudy Vs. Birthday Boy Common

Common was spotted recovering from his butt-naked movie face at his surprise birthday party last night.

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March 15th 9:57am

Who Wants To See Tracy Morgan Topless??

Tracy Morgan and his ashy a*s stomach were seen

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March 15th 9:40am

Jusin Bieber Stans Are Fawking Crazy.

We still don’t understand all the hype over this lil Justin Beaver character…. Two teenage girls found a creative way to get into

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March 15th 9:40am

Some Hip-Hop Preciousness

Here’s Weezy F. Baby having some photo booth fun with his two oldest babies

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March 15th 9:16am

New Study Shows 91% Of White NCAA Players Graduate, While Blacks Only Have 59% Graduation Rate

A new study shows growing disparity between graduation rates for white and black players at schools in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

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March 15th 9:06am

A Lil Positivity: Solange Trades The Turntables Back In To Make It Rain On The Mic For Africa

Now that Solange Knowles has made a name for herself outside of Bey Bey’s shadow as a DJ, she’s using her other God given talent to make it RAIN for Africa. Literally.

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March 15th 9:00am

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Rocker OD’s On HEROIN In Front Of Son

Punk icon Casey Royer was charged with child endangerment and being under the influence of heroin after taking and then overdosing on the drug in front of his son last week.

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March 15th 8:57am

Hi Hater: BeyBey Beefin With Lady GaGa…Calls Her “Tacky”

Aww, even after their lil faux-lesbo swirlin love affair in that “Telephone” video, Bey and Gaga have a little beef brewing:

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March 15th 8:53am

Where Are My Parents?!?! U.K. Diagnoses The Youngest Alcoholic EVER…A 3 Year-Old!!

Somebody call DYFS (or whatever they have across the pond) and put this kid’s parents UNDER the jail!!

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March 15th 8:21am

What The Hell? Driver Of Deadly Casino Bus Crash Is Stone Cold Convicted Killer!

The driver of the deadly casino bus that crashed in the Bronx Sunday has become the main focus of the investigation as new information about his shady past has been revealed.

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March 15th 8:06am

True Or False: People Love Eminem More Than They Loved Michael Jackson

If Facebook is an accurate measure of these things, this one is actually

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