November 11th 9:59am

Dear Bossip: We’re Both Cheating On Our Spouses & He Keeps Telling Me He’s Getting A Divorce

Dear Bossip, All I want to say is that I made a lot of mistakes in my life far as men.

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November 11th 9:45am

SMH: Man Writes $8,000 Worth Of Bad Checks To North Dakota Strip Club

Making it rain cannot be that serious for one to write eight thousand dollars worth of bad checks…

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November 11th 9:35am

For Discussion: Is It Appropriate For “Adult Film” Stars Like Sasha Grey To Read Books To Elementary School Children??? [PICS]

One L.A. elementary school seemed to think it was just fine, until some parents found out…

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November 11th 9:33am

Cover Girls: Nicole Scherzinger Does Vegas Magazine (Photos)

Nicole Scherzinger is on the cover of Vegas Magazine

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November 11th 9:06am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Sandusky Rumored To Have Pimped Out Boys To Rich Donors!

This dude Jerry Sandusky is one sick muhfugga. We’re talking about someone who has admitted to lathering a little boy up in the shower and giving him a bear hug, and that’s barely scratching the surface of what he may have done.

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