March 14th 7:30am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Chicago Man That Witnessed His Brother’s Death 17 Years Ago Faces 45 Years For Murder!!!

Somethings got to be done in the city of Chicago, seems like bodies stack up a dime a dozen.

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March 14th 7:11am

New Book By Swirling Becky ‘I Got The Fever’ Gives Racial Stereotypes A Bedroom Breakdown

New York City dating author J.C. Davies says that Latino men are macho and possessive, Asian men are bad in bed, black men hate it when you talk about Al Sharpton, and Indian men smell like curry — but, she says, she’s not racist.

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March 14th 6:46am

Dwyane Wade Wins Fulltime Daddy Duty, Judge Gives Crazy Ex-Wife ‘Ho Sit Down’

After realizing how batsh*t crazy his ex-wife Siovaughn is, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.

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March 14th 6:26am

60-Year-Old Man Saved Two Days After Tsunami: “I Thought Today Was The Last Day Of My Life”

In times like these it’s always good to know miracles do happen.

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March 14th 6:00am

Update: Japan Earthquake Results In The Worst Death Toll Since World War II, 10,000 Feared Dead!!!

We’ve had some terrible tragedies here in the states over the past few years, but nothing compares to what’s going on in the east.

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March 13th 11:40am

Rosa Acosta Hosts Ace Hood’s “Sex Chronicles” Mixtape Release Party

Soooo….since when did people start having “mixtape release parties”?????

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March 13th 11:16am

Another Day, Another Arrest: Atlanta Hawks Player Popped For Refusing To Move His Car

What the hell?? Atlanta Hawks reserve forward Josh Powell was arrested before Saturday night’s game at Philips Arena

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March 13th 11:07am

Lauryn Hill Announces Spring Tour Dates, Joins Twitter

Fans of the former Fugee Lauryn Hill have another chance to hear the iconic singer

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March 13th 10:51am

What’s Wrong With These Pictures Of Tocarra?

Here’s Tocarra Jones enjoying her new role as Lady Hennessy in San Francisco, as we’ve seen her do before. But something’s not quite right about this situation… or shall we say, with her dance partner.

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March 13th 10:09am

In White Folks With Black Babies News: Sandra & Lil Louis Bardo Bullock Spotted In NYC

Sandra Bullock and her “little Cajun cookie” Louis Bardo were seen out in SoHo recently.

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