Privilege? The Debate Over Adele, Whiteness And R&B Music Is All Over Twitter

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Is Adele Famous Because She’s White?

Adele’s new video just dropped and everyone is talking about it. However, it didn’t take long for a debate to spark. People are arguing that she’s only getting so much attention because she’s White. Others are going deep into the debate with other angles. Just click through and see the back-and-forth and chip in.

Is Adele famous because she’s White? Is she more talented than every other Black artists? And…Keyshia Cole is in there, too. Just click and sound off.

Things were lighthearted at first…

Then things got pretty intense

While some of the outrage got out of hand. Black men caught strays.

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    Some people are making the argument that Adele’s just talented and is on another level.

    They’re also making the case that there aren’t any Black artists as good as Adele.

    However that argument doesn’t really hold a candle because there are plenty of Black artists who deserve attention

    However, things flew off the rails when Keyshia God Almighty Cole’s name got brought into the debate.

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