December 9th 12:39pm

Hater In The House: Read The Punk A$$ E-Mail That Dan “Woman Scorned” Gilbert Wrote To Kill The Chris Paul Trade

Dan Gilbert is so butthurt over the LeBron decision last year that he’s taken to hating on Chris Paul. And he’s one of the people that killed the trade that would have sent Paul to LA for Lamar Odom.

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December 9th 12:18pm

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December 9th 12:02pm

#Winning: The Men With The Best Chop-Down Resumes Of All Time

It’s a known fact that famous men get to chop down the hottest women. But which famous man has chopped down the cream of the crop?!

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December 9th 11:26am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Keyshia Cole posted this “Twitpic” of a funeral she attended around Thanksgiving…

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December 9th 10:15am

Which Pop Star Was Spotted Keeping These Cakes Right And Tight?

This pop singer has had her share of hits… and plenty of fashion misses, but her body is pretty undeniable.

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December 9th 10:07am

Things Black People Confuse As Racist

Sometimes, being confused as a store clerk ain’t all about your race…Check out these other scenarios that make us think twice

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December 9th 9:56am

In Slizzard One-Time News: Florida Cop Found Drunk In Squad Car, Arrested For DUI

It’s definitely something in the water or something in Florida:

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December 9th 9:52am

UPDATE: Both Children That Were Shot By Their Mother Over Food Stamps Have Died

R.I.P…we wish this selfish beyatch hadn’t offed herself so she could be sent to prison!!

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December 9th 9:46am

Imani Showalter’s Ex, Stephen Jackson Says “Basketball Wives: L.A.” Should Be Called “Women Who Sleep With NBA Players” And Draya Should Be The Star! [Video]

NBA player and rapper Stephen Jackson aka “Stak 5″ aka Imani Showalter’s babydaddy is finally weighing in with his opinion of the “Basketball Wives: L.A.” franchise.

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December 9th 9:44am

Faded: Watch A Local Reporter Stumble And Mumble Her Way Through A Segment! [Video]

“Annie” says she was slizzed, but not off of drink…

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