February 15th 11:47am

A “Lil Positivity”: Cab Driver Returns $75,000 Worth Of Jewelry Left In Taxi To Owner

It’s good to hear that there are still some honest people in the world today: A humble and honest cabby turned down a ritzy dinner in his honor last night after returning a bag containing $75,000 worth of jewelry

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February 15th 11:27am

SMH: This Albert Haynesworth Character Stays In Trouble…Redskin Allegedly Sexually Assaults Waitress In DC

First he was accused of impregnating strippers in Miami, then he was cussing out cops for no reason, and now he is in trouble for caressing breastesses that didn’t want to be caressed:

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February 15th 11:08am

Some Morning Cakes: Sidney Lauren

DMV native Sidney Lauren brings her talents to Smooth Magazine this month. Enjoy yo’ self…

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February 15th 10:15am

Fill In The Blank: Usher’s Grammy Footwear Was __________

We’re not sure how we missed this in all of our Grammy coverage.

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February 15th 10:00am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

Here is Meagan Good at the EMI Grammy After Party.

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February 15th 9:27am

For The Stans: Beyonce Looking Fine In A Lil Dress With Bodyguard Boo Julius On Valentine’s Day

Here is Beyonce spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday with her legs all out

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February 15th 8:40am

Blind Item: He’s Gotta Have It

For all of you who believe in love and the promise that it gives, here’s a sad tale…about getting tail.

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February 15th 8:33am

Shante Broadus (Boss Lady) Tells Bossip About Separation With Snoop, Chocolate’s Lupus, And Her Boys Swirling!

BOSSIP recently sat down with Shante Broadus aka “Boss Lady” about everything involving her family including separation with Snoop as well as their children:

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