November 29th 7:30pm

The Girlfriend Codes: Rules To Never Break With Your Girlfriends

What is a girlfriend code that shouldn’t be broken?

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November 29th 6:04pm

For The Ladies: Look Who’s Been Getting That Baaaaawdy Toned And Tight Since Becoming A Daddy!

In case you missed it when we posted his rage against the machine tweets the other day, this is Nick Cannon’s new Twitter profile.

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November 29th 5:01pm

WRAP IT UP, B!!! UK Man Living On Welfare Has Fifteenth Kid By Thirteenth Different Woman And Two More On The Way!!!

Yeah, we know what you were thinking. And yes, this could actually be the picture of one his kids

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November 29th 4:25pm

Are You Feelin’ Baby Bump BeyBey’s Funky Blue Leggings Swag???

Baby Bump Bey Bey was spotted making her regular trek to her NYC offices

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November 29th 4:12pm

Yandy Talks Chrissy And Kimbella’s Fight On ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ [Audio]

TT Torez of iPower Richmond recently got a chance to sit down with Yandy Smith of VH1′s Love & Hip-Hop.

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November 29th 3:52pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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November 29th 3:21pm

Do You Recognize This Former NBA Point Guard???

This guy was seen having a good time with some with some ladies who take their clothes

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November 29th 2:58pm

What The Hell??? French Toddler Dies After Father ‘Punishes’ Him By Putting Him In Washing Machine!

The crazy part is this wasn’t the first time this epitome of a bad father tried to punish his son using a household appliance!

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