October 21st 4:50pm

And The Party Don’t Stop…: Mya Has Another Celebration Of Herself In Miami With _________

Mya Marie Harrison celebrated her 32nd birthday on October 10. And here she was last night, ten days later, still celebrating.

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October 21st 4:30pm

In Blissful Matrimony-dom News: Kimmy Cakes And Doofus Hubby Kris Bumphries Not Breaking Up

Despite the many tabloid reports, and photos of Kris moving boxes from his and Kimmy Cakes’ hotel and his lack of a wedding ring

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October 21st 4:24pm

Black Man Exonerated Of Rape Crime After Being Locked Up For 30 Years

Imagine being locked up for that long for something you didn’t even do:

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October 21st 3:41pm

Long Live The King: Celebrating 10 Years Of T.I.

Believe it or not, it has now been over 10 years since the release of T.I.’s debut album, I’m Serious.

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October 21st 3:33pm

Game Time: The Greatest Black Sports Movies Of All Time

In the spirit of the NBA delivering us the sad news today, we figured we could help lighten the mood by bringing you some of the finer moments in sports film.

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October 21st 3:33pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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October 21st 3:03pm

For Those Living The Struggle: Ten Best Cities To Find A Job

Believe it or not, there are still jobs to be had in this economy.

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October 21st 2:57pm

“Love & Hip-Hop” New Addition Yandy Smith Speaks On Televised Beef And How Crazy Chrissy Lampkin Is Looking For “An Evelyn Moment”!

Ever since the super-trailer for the second season of Vh1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” was released, people haven’t been talking nonstop about the impending DRAMA!

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October 21st 2:27pm

Could You Date THIS Man?

From the mama’s boy to the man with bad hygiene, what are you willing to deal with?

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