September 8th 6:05pm

5 Women Who Could Ruin Your Relationship

Relationships take a lot of work, this we know.

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September 8th 5:48pm

Slumlord Millionaire: Illuminati Hov And His Cronies Accused Of Using All Kinds Of Shady Scare Tactics To Get His Philly Tenants Out Of Their Homes

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he bought a building of condos, Hov just had to go and p*** off his mostly White tenants, didn’t he?

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September 8th 4:59pm

Happy Bday Wiz: 5 Reasons Wiz Should Marry Amber Tonight

While many of us would think that Wiz’s birthday would be on 4/20, Wiz will spend his birthday with his beautiful woman and I’m sure some of that sticky icky icky.

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September 8th 4:46pm

Solange Hits The High Seas In Croatia Rockin’ Them Dookie Braids And A Mommyish-Lookin’ ‘Kini

Looks like Tee Tee Solo has been watching too much Poetic Justice!

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September 8th 4:36pm

The Spread Of Evil: U.S. Gov Spread STD’s And If Not For Obama Facts Would Not Have Come Out! [Video]

Wow, 1940’s… so that means it was all white men spreading disease to innocent foreign lands…. and did that lady say they injected gonorrhea puss in peoples eyes and rectum?

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September 8th 4:18pm

Ironic: The Country Kat Williams Loves So Much Serves His Bird Chest With Papers And The Camera Man Is Checked About Recording [Video]

Kat’s chest looks like a dented Dr. Pepper can. And, why is Kat so unhappy with the white officer (In The Country He Just Looooooooves Soooo Much) smiling at his chest definition?

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September 8th 4:05pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 8th 3:10pm

The Top Black Entrepreneurs

Out of 500 companies tracked as the fastest growing in the country, Inc. magazine highlighted black entrepreneurs who were behind 10 of those companies.

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