June 30th 2:46pm

How Did This Happen: Woman Drowned In Public Pool; Body Found Two Days Later

How does a dead body go unnoticed in a public pool for two days?

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June 30th 2:00pm

Color Of Change: Pursuing an “Unapologetically Black” Agenda

Nobody’s working harder today to build black political power.

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June 30th 12:27pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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June 30th 11:23am

2011′s Most Popular Women According To Google [Photos]

As we are one day away from completing half of 2011, the lovely folks at Google have released their lists of the most popular searches so far throughout the year.

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June 30th 11:03am

Tupac Back: 2 New Unreleased Diss Records Surface From The Late,Great, Mr Shakur!

Even from beyond grave, Tupac’s scathing diss records still are the stuff of hip-hop legend.

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June 30th 11:01am

Bolitics: Crotchety Herman Cain Gets Frustrated Because He Couldn’t Answer Specific Questions

Herman Cain is running for president, right? Obviously, interviews are all a part of the process

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June 30th 11:00am

Crowdsourcing Craze: Black Artists & Businesses Getting Funded by Friends

They’re bypassing banks and relying on the buddy system.

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June 30th 10:53am

WTF??? Octomom Says She “Hates” Her Babies, Calls Older Children “Animals”, And Has Considered Suicide

This can’t be real…if so, Octomom is straight buggin with these comments:

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June 30th 10:39am

Escape From Reality: Are You Hooked On Trash TV?

It’s one thing to watch “Basketball Wives” or “Love and Hip-Hop” to get a little break from the doldrums of everyday life

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June 30th 10:28am

DAYUUUUUM!!! Is This What 37 Looks Like For Black Hollyweird???

Lark Voorhies was spotted at the a Hollyweird recently

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