October 25th 9:32am

Which One Would You Hit??? The Burgundy Jacket Edition

Not like Eddie Murphy is any competition for Nasty Nas, but here they are on 106 & Park rockin matching burgundy fits.

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October 25th 9:22am

Rachet Ridiculousness: 400lb Women Are Squashing Men In The Bedroom!

This ain’t for everybody but… it’s working for somebody!

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October 25th 9:10am

Why Aren’t They Married Yet? Celebrity Studs Over 40 We Wonder About

When it comes to celebrities, we know that we don’t know all of their business but some of these fine, single, 40-something celebrities got us confused.

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October 25th 8:50am

Quote Of The Day: Condoleezza Rice Admits That Shady George “Dubya” Bush Had A “Race Problem”

Obviously… Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said President George W. Bush had a “race problem”

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October 25th 8:42am

Lost & Found : Ryan Leslie Sued For $1 Milli Reward He Promised To Get His Laptop Back … Plus Details On His New Boo

Ryan Leslie has found himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit — thanks to the $1 milli reward he promised for the safe return of his laptop which he still allegedly hasn’t made good on!

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October 25th 8:34am

Get Your Life Together: The NBA Announces It Will Cancel Another 2 Weeks Of Games

*sigh* Looks like it’s gonna get worse WAY before it gets better…

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October 25th 8:32am

Shut Yo A$$ Up: The Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Of All Time!

These people just need to stop talking for a while.

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October 25th 8:22am

SMH: Ladies Are Coughing Up $170 For A 24 Karat Gold Facial? Are You Serious?

Women are always looking for the next “IT” factor that is going to make their skin beautiful, young and tight.

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October 25th 8:06am

Gay: J Crew Exec Who Caught Flack For Son’s Pink Toenails Leaves Hubby For Fellow Female Fashionista

Remember the J. Crew catalog that had everyone up in arms over the lil boy who liked having his toes painted pink?

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October 25th 8:05am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Playboy Pays LiLo A Milli To Put Down The Blow, And Let It All Show!

That’s right gentlemen (and some of you ladies), that time has finally arrived!

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